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Hotels in sosua

Hola, Anyone know if the Sosua Bay hotel has reopened (sosua by the sea?)? Have heard rumours that the Casa Marina closed as well.

Hoping to find something decent in the Sosua area fairly close to the beach. Does anyone know the name of the hotel in Sosua that has a nice looking restaurant in town but then has the hotel in the back. You can see the pool area if you leave the restaurant and go down the stairs. Linda/Valerian? Thanks in advance Cat

Sosua bay is closed and shows no signs of opening in the near or distant future.
Casa Marina is NOT closed and has no plans on closing and will be a good choice for a central location that is close to beaches, shops and some very good restaurants.
The other hotel you are talking about may be the Terra Linda (where the scotch and sirloin restaurant is) is basically a hotel for entertain women at night.
Another hotel to look at is Sosua by the Sea which is a small hotel on the water (no real beach and a 5 min walk to a great beach). Friends who stay there call it “shabby sheik”


Funny what a difference a day can make. Rumors around town is that the Sosua Bay Hotel will be opening in the next few weeks and it appears that cleaning and painting are going on. I will try to confirm these rumors this week.


Thanks Bob. Husband is looking at staying at Tropicana del sur again. It was fine and we met some great folks but, did not like having to take the gua gua into town when we wanted to go to the beach or taking taxi home with groceries. We may end up doing that anyway as it is close to our friends in Maranata.

Will keep checking for news of hotels in Sosua. Thanks again, Cat

Yes, the location is great. Have not heard anything new. We also enjoyed staying at Superclub Breezes-stayed 4 times there and loved it. Beautiful layout but definitely needed work. So sad that hotels have had to close. We have rented the Tropicana condo again. Love the folks there but would have enjoyed being right in Sosua.

Sosua Bay is open under the new name of Tropacio Azul as an AI resort.
Breezes remains closed with no signs of life now for the last 2+ years.


Have not seen any listings for it either-not here on the west coast of Canada anyway.