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House of Ponce de Leon

in our previous trips we visited a few interesting places in DR, but never got to the infamous Ponce de Leon’s house.
How easy/difficult to get there from Bayahibe area ? (IHD)
Is worth to go to see it?
Thanks for any help.

I haven’t seen it on any tours though I’m highly interested in it too! It’s in the opposite direction of the majority of things people want to see in the Bayahibe/Dominicus area so it doesn’t tend to get added onto other tours. I guess it’s similar to the limestone caves on the other side of La Romana in lack of popularity. Now there are a couple of tours including that highlight and maybe one day Ponce de Leon will make the list too. Maybe we can book a cab and go out there together! I’m as interested in that area in general as I am in the “house” in particular. It’s just a moss covered fortress looking thing. You have to be interested in that kind of thing to make the effort–we may be alone in that. There is a small rocky beach there, and a tiny bit of tourism, but it’s not a hotspot. Now REALLY is the time to go!


Kaki, my wife was also very happy last night reading your reply: definitely we are considering to go there this time, to do the trip with you would be a bonus.
We know a few things about the building, and surroundings, but is one to see those on the screen and other to be there.
So at this moment we are including this in our plans and we will keep in touch with you.
Thanks for your help, and idea. Greatly appreciated.
Have a nice weekend (stay warm!)