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How are the seagulls at the decameron?


I am just wondering if the seagulls are bothersome at the decameron? Will they be all over on the beach?



Don’t recall seeing any seagulls there.


me either…no gulls that I can think of. Theres lots of tropical birds and other types of sea faring birds though. The musical cacaphony in the morning is wonderful.


Didn’t see any seagulls, one tip though do not leave your food unattended, the birds will swoop in real fast and help themselves to some of your dinner then fly off before you get back from getting a drink or whatever.


Please don’t tell me that the buffet restaurants are open air! :o Surely they are closed in and air conditioned! Birds around your food is so unsanitary!!


Yes all the buffet restaurants are open air. Actually only one of the alacart restaurants is closed in and air conditioned, the rest are open air also. (at least as I recall.)



Did not see any seagulls, but if you go to the right off the resort, you will be walking along the village. When the fisherman come in and clean the fish, they throw the heads along the side. You will literally see 100’s of birds that look like vulchers. Many pelicans, especially out on the anchored fishing boats.