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How bad is it?

Flying Air Canada to Holguin out of Halifax. Should I look forward to being squished for the trip or is there a tiny bit of room. Do they feed you? Should I pack a snack? I’ve heard some horror stories and want to prepare. Thanks in advance…Cheers…Raine

:)CapeBretonGirl: We have flown with ACV to the Caribbean the past 3 Falls and we had good trips with them. They use their regular planes so you have pretty good leg room . All our flights were on time.

They offer pop, water, coffee but on the last trip we had to buy any food we wanted from their menu. A sandwich, etc was $6.00. I brought my own food to snack on.

The last three flights were on Airbus 320’s with the seat back screens. (lots of movies to choose from, music, etc) . The headsets were free on the first trips but I believe there was a small charge for them on the last trip. I just used my IPod headphones.

Did you hear that sigh of relief! lol I’ll take a sammi or snack with me and relax. I knew this forum would ease my nervousness! Thanks guys! Cheers…Raine

Just think of where you are going, so it will be worth it, even if you are a bit ‘squeezed’. If you don’t think you can bear it, send you tickets to me and I’ll ’ suffer’ for you.

I can’t complain about Air Canada. I actually prefer it to the other airlines.


ewka…no thanks…I’ll suck it up, and mietz…thanks. We are flying out of Sydney so that makes it better still. No five hour drive to the airport. I’m so excited!!!