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How busy is PC in early Jan?


I just booked to stay in NH Arena for a trip between Jan 4 and Jan 10, and waiting for the confirmation email.

I’m just wondering how busy NH Arena or PC in general in that period.

Is it busy? Should I expect a melee to get the restaurant seats or the pool chairs?

I’m just asking this to have a correct expectation, and if it’s not a busy time, I would like to email PC Mike to see if it’s possible to get a good, not upgrade, room. If it’s a busy time, I do not want to bother him at all.

Thank you!

Thank you!

certainly not as busy as this week or next…but it really depends on the hotel …our experience in early jan is that it is fairly easy to get an upgrade or a better room right as you check in…just ask !

First 2 full weeks in Jan usually 50-60 %, bookings about 80 % last 2 weeks, usually full Feb and March.

most hotels run a 60-70% during low season in november.
january will be at the beginning sure over 80%, some hotels on full capacity, end january and february are on max capacity, 2008 even during the whole month of march many hotels been still heaviliest overbooked. peak season runs til end of ester week(april 5th -12th 2009).
but at the edne arena you will not face extra waiting times at the restaurants or such , they are calculated to run the hotel on full capacity, and they are well organized for that time period.
happy holidays

we always travel in Jana nd have found that the 1st week is quiet, the 2nd week is still quite but i bit more full, by the 3rd week it always seemed to be full!!! Then it stays full after that. Each resort is soooo different about a la carte reservation or pool chairs so hopefully someone who stayed at your specific resorts can help you out there.

that’s right Lin7604,
some resorts feel crowded when by far not filled up while others run full capacity smooth and easy without delivering the feeling to be at a crowded spot/waiting lines in restaurants aso.
happy weekend