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How do you feel about cigarette smoking in Cuba?

Some of our members are smokers and some are not. We know that in Canada and most western countries smoking is not allowed anymore in restaurants, clubs, at work etc while in Cuba many people smoke and are allowed to do it in the clubs, restaurants etc. How do you feel about it? I personally grow up like most of us in the environment where smoking was allowed and I am not smoker but I got used to smoke around me. I do feel much better now as I can breath clean air while I have food in my favorite restaurant but when I go to Cuba I buy couple of Cuban cigars and I smoke it there just for fun. How do you feel about cigarette and cigar smoking in Cuba?

I smoke occasionally but don’t like the smell of second hand smoke, mine or others so do my smoking outside.

I’m not a smoker but I do light up a cigar from time to time. In Cuba I only light up on my balcony overlooking the ocean.

I only smoke on vacation and will only smoke outdoors and away from other people. I usually carry a small dollar shop ashtray for the butts. I especially enjoy them when I go hiking and birdwatching. I’ll sit down with a beer or soft drink and watch the birds and lizards galavant. Sitting on my balcony at the resort with a beer and a book at the end of the day, is also a goos time.

My favorite used to be Romeo Y Julieta cigarettes. But haven’t seen them for a year or two. They now make a milder type of Cohiba cigarettes that I find similar to the RYJ. Popular(with filter) isn’t bad. H. Upmann will peel the skin off your lungs.

[p] I have built up quite the selection of cigars. I you come over for a visit it all depends where you fit in my good books :D[/p][p]
[/p][p]My buddies will get a very good Cohiba… acquaintances might get an el cheapo that I bought at Rama Moccasin and Smoke LOL!![/p]

I’m a smoker and agree that smoking indoors is a no-no. I also wish people would pick up their butts on the beach and hotel grounds. I always fill a plastic cup with sand and use that as an ashtray, then throw it away.

Several of the Cubans I know have quit smoking this past year. None of my Cuban friends smoke, so it doesn’t bother me.

Indoor restaurants (at least on the resorts) do not allow smoking. I’m a non smoker, and it seems when I have friends who smoke, the smoke always finds me. No matter how I check out the breeze, if I sit down it changes and blows the smoke my way. I have abandoned conversations with a group when one is smoking and I find I can’t stand it anymore. I do sometimes wonder how smokers would react to someone who hadn’t bathed in days sitting next to them, or for that matter, someone with a bad case of intestinal gas. (or someone who thinks it is pleasant to drown herself in perfume!). To me, smoking, like sex, should be “consenting adults in private”. (and when you are out enjoying a cigar or cigarette on your balcony, bear in mind that the smoke drifts, usually up. My mother, when she lived in an apartment, found her balcony unusable most days for that reason. At times she couldn’t even open a window for “fresh air”!)

This is one of the things I enjoy about Cuba(among many other things). I am not a regular smoker at home(only when having a few drinks) but when on vacation i tend to indulge a bit more. With my coffee in the morning, while sitting around the pool having drinks, sitting on my balcony and evenings in the lobby etc.

While I would not appreicate smoking in a small enclosed space, nor while I am eating, with the open airy feeling that is in Cuba and at the resorts, it is great.

And while I know that smoke will bother some no matter what, I could say that I don’t enjoy being around loud drunks when they are all sitting together and being loud, sometimes puking etc. But that doesnt mean that noone should be allowed to drink anywhere either.

Compromise and moderation are the key…and i think its a good balance there.

I am not a smoker. I quit about 35 years ago, and never will smoke again. Surprisingly, I notice second hand smoke more here in Canada than in Cuba. I think it’s because the smokers in Canada all congregate in one place (20 feet from any doorway, I think is the rule), and soak each other in smoke. That is why smokers seem to reek when they come inside a building.
In Cuba, the smokers seem to be able to smoke anywhere they feel like it and so it is spread out more. So you don’t get that concentrated smoke smell.
As they used to say, the solution to pollution is dilution.

Yeah, but I still don’t want to swim near the swim up bar. :wink: (actually an apt analogy to people smoking outside…still a problem if it’s coming your way)

As I said in my earlier post, I am a smoker, but I’m also a very considerate smoker. If I notice that my second-hand smoke is bothering someone, I’ll put it out and find another place to enjoy a cigarette. Too bad some parents with whiny, screaming kids don’t do the same. In a nutshell, everyone has a pet peeve and we can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Amen to that! I usually just leave when smoke is bothering me. What makes it awkward is when you are conversing with people and a smoker joins the group and proceeds to light up. I have the choice of suffering the smoke or abandoning an interesting conversation. Depending on my level of tolerance at the time, I may opt for one or the other. I do realize smokers enjoy their indulgence, but many seem oblivious to the distress they may be causing other people. Polite non smokers try to avoid confrontation, but that means we are often unable to enjoy ourselves in public places, which is a shame.

I hear your pain eeeefarm. I feel the same way about parents who don’t discipline their children. It makes me mental! I also agree with you about swim-up bars. Ick!

I am a smoker/addict and thoroughly enjoy the fact that in Cuba I can once again sit at a table and enjoy a smoke with a drink. I don’t smoke inside enclosed public spaces or restaurants and consider myself very courteous about second hand smoke for the nons.
What does make me laugh is when in a open ranchon or on a terrace, where I am already obviously enjoying a smoke, and someone sits at the next table and then complains. (Complainers don’t like to be laughed at) I wouldn’t bring it to their space if it was a problem. If they have a prob, find another spot.

I agree Beansntoast. My best example was a few years ago in Cayo Santa Maria. My husband and I were at the beach and a couple approaches us and asked if they can share our shade. Now, you must understand that we are up before the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise every morning and secure our loungers and palapa for the day, which we use all day. This couple shows up around 1:00 p.m. So, being the courteous people that we are, we say sure, but as everyone knows, it’s pretty tight for shade for 4 people under a palapa. Someone (if not two people) is always exposed to the sun. Then, my husband decides to light up a cigar and the couple starts complaining about the smoke. At this point I sat up and politely asked them to leave. Needless to say, we did not share our shade ever again.

I just got back and I have to say, I hated that people can and will smoke anywhere and everywhere. There was nowhere a non-smoker can escape, unless they hole up in their rooms. :frowning: Even waiting in line for a coffee in the lobby at Barlovento, people were smoking. Really?!

I seriously think that’s the only thing I don’t like about Cuba. I like the food, the drink, the people, the music…but not the smoke.

It sure wasn’t enforced at ROC Barlovento. People smoked in the lobby, covered theatre, buffet. It was really gross.

Desmei: you should have talked to the PR people. Laws/Regulations are meant to be followed. I am a smoker and like Beans I like to think I’m considerate. I don’t even smoke in my car because I have been known to take friends in my car! Actually quite a few and at work I can go without a smoke for 8 hours. No excuse for ignoring the laws of any country.

So if “It was really gross.”, why didn’t you say something to those who have authority. They do it in a very nice manner. It is your vacation; you should be able to enjoy and stand up for your rights. The reprimand is done very discreetly.

I am a non smoker and hear both sides of the argument.

I am very happy that any smoking indoors is not tolerated…as a non smoker it can be distressing to smell smoke while you are enjoying a meal…that being said…I do think smokers that feel the beach is an astray are really amazingly inconsiderate. And that is the only kind of problem I have is with the inconsiderate smoker. I too like eeeefarm have been mid conversation and had the person ask if they can smoke…depending on the wind I will share with them I react very badly to smoke (and I really do) …so if down wind all is good…