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How do you handle the "towel game"?

How do you handle the towel game? Do you participate, ignore it, or toss them suckers off the loungers? :slight_smile:

Which resorts are the worst for it in the Dominican Republic?

I think it’s awful when people are coming down in the PJ’s at 6 am to claim “their” loungers and dissappear back to bed or wherever and don’t come back down until lunch time or even later… should these people be entitled to keep these loungers for hours when other people are looking for spots?

Ive never found it to be the issue others proclaim it is, Have always found a spot to sit,

Yes, some resorts are worse than others, I’m talking about people hoarding and disappearing for the day or saving at the beach and pool simutaniously LOL

I have experienced it both ways where there has always been an available spot and when you’ve had to plunk a towel in the sand due to ZERO loungers available.

Most places I have been to if you do not occupy “your” lounger after 30 -45 min then the staff removes the towels or you can ask them to do so. I do admit that at some places I will be there when the beach “opens” and reserve our loungers, but at least one of us has our butts in them with in 30 min or so.

I personally have removed some that are there for hours with no one in them.


At the Ambar in PC, you MUST stay at the pool until 8:00 am or security picks up your “stuff” and your spot is now fair game again. I think that makes it fair for everyone, but you have to make sure that everyone knows the rules up front. However, down at the beach, not so much, I believe the same rules should apply, but such a large area makes it harder to enforce the rule.


It depends but I do not like when people leave their towels for 2 hours or more while others do not have chairs. I called customer service people and explained situation so they removed towels and made chairs available for us.

I will leave the towels… there are usually other chairs… BUT I have been known to drag the umbrella from that spot over to my spot. I have seen 2 chairs huddle 3 umbrellas together. Not on this fair skin chickies watch lol

We’ve never had a problem finding a couple chairs but since we go as a group it can be difficult to find 7 chairs.

This year we were in Jamaica and a chair was claimed all day, so 3PM rolled around and the towel found a new owner.

I have no issue with people running off for lunch but to claim a chair for 8 hrs and not show up then they don’t deserve to have a towel to pick up.

My trip this year consisted of visiting my sister and BIL at their rental home on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Never had to worry about a lounger because they were out on the patio, even had nice think pads, just had to move them 5 feet to the beach when we were ready for sun. No line up at the bar, my BIL and his neighbour kept those margaritas flowing all afternoon. There is an entire boardwalk full of restaurants on one side of the street and bars on the beach on the other side, all within walking distance of the house. I loved the whole relaxed experience of having a house, it was like being at the cottage with my friends only with a beach and better weather. I don’t know if I want to go back to a resort atmosphere.

I have no issue with people running off for lunch but to claim a chair for 8 hrs and not show up then they don’t deserve to have a towel to pick up. [/quote]

Exactly that is the point. Going for lunch is ok but taking excursion and leaving towels all day so that when they return 8 hours after excursion is too much. Maybe other tourist or security should mark chairs with yellow ribbons if they see only towel on the chair so if nobody returns in 1 hour chairs become available. Something similar when parking police officer marks cars parked on the street with a chalk :slight_smile:

Now we are talking about real escape from everything :slight_smile: what city / town in Yucatan Peninsula is that?

[/quote]Now we are talking about real escape from everything :slight_smile: what city / town in Yucatan Peninsula is that?[/quote]

We were in Progresso, about 3.5 hours from the Cancun airport, 35 mins from Merida.

We were in Progresso, about 3.5 hours from the Cancun airport, 35 mins from Merida.[/quote]

wow looks beautiful no wonder you enjoyed it a lot and the best part you did not have to play towel game :wink:

So much stress over a chair? Come on take a moment look around you, think about it and …breath…relax…enjoy.

ggparts, I see your tagline… you must not get out and about when you’re in the Punta Cana area then?

Doesn’t normally bother us as we are always up early on holiday, so are down at the beach (or pool ) by 8ish for the day. Can’t ever remember not finding a couple of beds free wherever we have been.
Has caused problems on a few occasions - remember a trip to GBP Ambar in 2008 when a large group of Canadians had permanently “reserved” two palapas and ~ 15 sunbeds by tying them up with a string of flags!!They were obviously good tippers because the guy putting out sunbeds wouldn’t do anything about it. Caused a couple of heated discussions over the week they were there.
Also had a problem last year in Samana @ Cayo Levantado with a large wedding group who “paid” the pool boy to reserve them a load of poolside beds every day -then went down to the beach!,only using the pool beds in the pm.This was made worse by the lack of restriction on towels -if they had only had one beach towel each…?
On occasion, I have tipped towels off of beds that haven’t been used for several hours to release them back for the poor so and sos who are searching for beds.

My husband loves getting up early on vacation and heading down to the beach to save loungers, however he then goes back to sleep on the lounger on the beach until I get up. Then I go meet him and we go have breakfast and right back to the beach. The only time we leave our loungers is for eating, bathroom breaks or walks on the beach. We had one experience when before I even got there in the morning, he had gone for a short walk down the beach and when he came back there were other people (tourists of the rude variety) on our loungers and our towels (from home) gone. He confronted them and told them they were on our chairs, they denied that there were towels on them, and swore to him in their language. My husband walked away instead of making a big issue and found our towels further down the beach in a basket meant for the resort towels.

My husband and I were at the Grand Palladium in February and had our towels taken off our lounger twice in one day when we were just gone for a short walk and breakfast. The people that were staying at the resort the week we were there left a lot to be desired…very RUDE. Never have been to a resort that that has ever happened. Then they look at you like they don’t understand what you are saying. If it had been my first time in Punta Cana, I think I would have never returned.

I was in the water with my towel, shoes , bag and all my stuff on my chair and someone put all my stuff on the ground and started dragging my chair away. I stopped him and said hey that’s my stuff…on my chair… he looked right at me and said. “I don’t see your name on it”