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How is travelling with the new rules?


how is flying with the new carry on luggage rules? Has anyone forgot about it and got stuff taken away? THis will be my first time travelling since the new rules and nervous i will forget something or get stuff taken away. The only thing i know is that all liguids need to be under 100ml and in a large ziplock bag. anything else i need to know?


If you remember about the liquids/gels that you mention you should be okay.

Also just remember that you can’t take beverages through security either so if you have a coffee you better finish it before you get to security.


We waited in a 2 hour line up before you even got into the Security Area…
we arrived in good time…but, some people at the end of the line ( who had just shown up) would get bumped to the front of the line as their flights were before ours.
It doesn’t help being early…just show up and avoid the line up.
By the time we got through Security, our flight was boarding.
No time to grab a snack, or Duty Free shop…
straight onto the plane.
And, I would suggest you eat something if you have to wait in the line…2 people passed out.


Our line went quickly…but don’t lie about having any liquids. The girl in front of us was asked if she had any liquids or gels…she said no. After xraying her carry on they asked again , she said no, before she could finish saying no, they told her yes you do you have a water bottle. They proceeded to dump her bag out and she was taken to another room.


When we left in October 2006, we packed all liquids in our luggage, with the exception of butane lighters (we are smokers).

Only one lighter was in a clear sealed bag. The other lighters got through without a problem.


We found out that the zip-lock is only allowed when flying into the DR. They have a zero tolerance on liquids or gels on the way back. (Unless purchased after security in the airport.) Air Canada was warning people as we lined up for boarding passes so we were able to move the baggies into our checked luggage.

Also, remember that the ziplock can’t be any larger than 1 quart (medium size), roughly 8" X 7".

Have fun!


dancingbarefoot, I didnt know that about zero tolerance on liq./gels on LEAVING DR. Good to know. I’m going back in April.


am I understanding this right any gel or liquid is ok if it is in your checked luggage


Yes, your shampoo, toothpaste and stuff like that is OK in checked luggage but not in your carry on. Small quantities in your carry on were OK leaving Canada, but we also noticed the zero tolerance rule when we flew home.


thanks everyone!


Just wondering if you can take an EMPTY water bottle thru the Security Area so that you can fill it at a water fountain or wahsroom later instead of paying the ridiculous price for bottled water in the departure lounge area??


I don’t see any reason why not.


We are first time travellers and going to the DR in January 2007, flying with Skyservice. We have checked the website for carryon items and it does not say anything about liquids or gels…just nail files and lighters…Where did everyone find this info or is it for specific to the airlines…Please help don’t want any trouble being first time travellers to another country.

Thansk a Bunch…


well it is not airline specific,

here is a link


and for our American friends

I don’t have a link for our UK friends, but the limits should be about the same.


You are only allowed small containers of gels/liquids, I believe 3 oz. each. Therefore, if you have a tube of toothpaste that is partially or mostly used, they may still confiscate it, because the container holds more than the allowed amount. Happened to a guy in front of me.


im gonna play it like this, I am not gonna put any of that stuff in my carry on, all in the checked baggage


Happy New Year 2007 !!

I need a liquid over the counter nasel spary to clear my ears out because of the air pressure, will this be a problem, its not a prescription but over the counter LIQUID meds???


April 13 -21 2007 Sunwing from Ottawa
IFA Bavaro
2nd Trip


The new liquid/gel rules do not apply the same across the board which really frustrates me!! We flew from Thunder Bay to Toronto Nov 17/06. The day before, I was picking my husband up at the airport from a charter flight and we stopped at the Westjet counter to enquire about the new rules since we had last flown. She told us no water bottles allowed through security, 3 oz. containers, clear plastic bag etc.
The next day we go through security and the lady beside us has a water bottle. They just looked at it, said it’s unopened and handed it back to her. There was only a pop machine after security that we saw. Why does everyone say something different?


Just follow the 3 oz maximum and use the ziploc bag.
Nasal spray is pretty small and should be under the limit …