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How long does it take (Mail)?

Does anyone have an idea on how long a letter takes to get delivered to Matanzas or Varadero, Cuba from Canada? It is a regular sized envelope shipped regular airmail to an individuals address. The postal employee could not give me an approximate date ??? >:(
What are your experiences with sending out packages/letters???
Any help would greatly be appreciated! :slight_smile:

it can take 6 weeks or more or it might never get there i have mail some that took as little as 4 weeks and i have mailed some that never got there and dont know were it ever went to, as i never got it back

jetpilot, it’s a crap shoot. I’ve had letters to Havana take 8 weeks and others take 4 days. 10 - 12 days is the norm. The Canada Post employee would have no clue because it’s out of their hands as soon as it leaves Canada.

And I’ll state the obvious… don’t put anything in the letter that you can’t afford to lose…

How about letters mailed from one part of Cuba to another - is the internal mail service more reliable? For example, if I gave a letter to someone going to Varadero and they mailed it to Havana from there.

I can tell you all that mail from Cuba to Winnipeg, did not ever arrive! Last February we mailed 2 postcards, and they never showed up in Winnipeg! I’m going to try again this time just to see if they show up and how long it takes!!! SIX more sleeps!!

Sent 2 postcards, one to Calgary and one to Toronto. They arrived within days of each other BUT it took 8 months!!

I sent identical letters to a friends’ home and to her at work in the resort. It took about 6 weeks for the resort letter to get to her from Toronto. She never got the one to the home address.

Post cards from Cuba - last trip mailed Dec 2nd arrived Ontario Feb 2nd. on a lighter note - one of my girlfriends that I had sent a card to has been remarkably busy since the new year and she thought it was a hint to call her as we had not talked in a week or so. She got a bigger laugh when I told her when it had actually been mailed

I’m still waiting for the three postcards I sent to my friend and her family to arrive. They were mailed at regular intervals in 2007!

First package took 3 weeks, contained only picture. I just sent a couple of CDs last week so I’m curious to know if/when they’ll make it…

I received a letter yesterday from a friend who lives in Gibara which was postmarked from Gibara on December 4/08. It was also postmarked from Holguin Dec 5/08, as well as being postmarked from Holguin on Jan 21 and Jan 29/2009.

So it looks like it was ‘lost’ in Holguin for about 6 weeks, found, and then actually made it to my home in Ontario after another
3 1/2 weeks. Total time about 10 weeks.

I sent a card in mid-December to Santa Marta (Varadero) which arrived at its destination on Feb 2nd. Most of my mail seems to get through and takes 2-6 weeks usually. I have never received a reply that wasn’t sent via a tourist bringing it back to Canada and mailing it here, so don’t know about the other direction.

Other direction takes between 8-10 weeks on average. Again, IF it gets here at all.

My friend wrote me a letter once a month for six months. They were all mailed in Cuba. The postmarks were in each month. But they all arrived in my mailbox within 3 days of each other. I’m still trying to figure that one out!