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How many more sleeps?

I know its an old one but shall we start a new one?

We got 33 more sleeps--------excitement really kicking in

52 days
1255 hours
75349 minutes
4520964 seconds

But who’s counting :wink: :wink:

PS, this applies for BFC too. :o

30 sleeps…30 sleeps…30 SLEEPS!! YIPEEEEE…I’m not excited or anything :wink:

Lets see - take captain2002’s answer and add 2 days so, 54 days! Can’t wait - but I guess we have to…

15 more sleeps + off to the new Majestic Elegance-Adults Only! I can’t wait + I’m having a hard time waiting for Debbie to post her review!!!Hey Deb—did the robes fit???One trip in Mexico the bathrobes were for Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. Not real people!

3 more sleeps to Tropical Playa Dorada with the kids and 56 sleeps to Grand Oasis Marien without the kids. Cant wait…

60 sleeps!

Dot, my post was last Friday and you added 2 days yesterday, so now that I have you confused :wink: here are the real sleeps.

45 days
1088 hours
65324 minutes
3919478 seconds ;D ;D :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

OMG - and I’m not a blond (not a real redhead either) but, I am a Newfie… ???
captain2002 - I hadn’t noticed your post was a week old… :o

Okay - I’ve counted the sleeps on my calander…

We have 48 sleeps till we fly out of Toronto - as of and including today, Nov. 28… :sunglasses:

Awwwww poooor baby, we only have 41 more sleeps :slight_smile: hheheheh Actually, only 40, because nobody sleeps the last night much :))

BTW, a redhead is just a blonde in disguise :slight_smile:

Too many!!! See you all there as soon as we’ve got Christmas and the New Year celebrated, then it’s time to pack!!!

Cheers Amandalou