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How much cash?

How much cash you you really need to bring with you for an all inclusive resort? I understand that credit cards can be used for excursions from the hotel. How much on average to you find you need for tips and trinkets? Are there other things that we’d need cash for that I’m not aware of?

Really we only take anywhere from four to six hundred dollar for two of us & yes we have used our credit cards many time for excusions or to purchase items from the resort gift shops, but keep in mind we always come back with money.

For an AI in the DR, I’ve always used the $50 per person per day approach, with this I’ve usually come home with some money.

If you went to Atlantis in the Bahamas(non-AI), you’re looking at $300 per person per day, without leaving resort!


We generally take $250 in one dollar bills for tips for a seven night stay. If we plan on shopping, we’ll bring more money on top of that. Usually works out well.

I have taken between $400 and $1000, and my normal is 250-400 depending on if we leave the resort or not and what I’m looking at for souvineers… the year I took the $1000 we took the helicopter tour… $220/ couple and bought over $200 worth of jewellry from the vendors… nice sterling chains and cheap larimar pendants. Plus the requsite t shirt and other stuff… and rum of course…


Wow …I guess I sound cheap…We bring $200 in ones and fives just for tipping . I have enough tee shirts and hats. On one day, we go out a buy our coffee , vanilla, rum, and put it on our visa. So grand total of about $270 cash without putting the stuff on the Visa.

Jimmy, I know our last trip I probably spent as little as you did, because we, like you had most of our souvineers, so it was rum, vanilla, and coffee plus tips. So if you want to you can get away without spending a lot.


We spend about $400 for 2 weeks for rum, coffee, tipping, guagua, and when we go out of the resort, for Presidente and lunch. We do not bring souvernirs anymore, the kids prefer rum and coffee. The only time we use our credit card is if we decide to go on excursions. :smiley:

I guess we are cheap too we usually take 250-300 cash and put the excursions on the credit card. But like most of you we already have the souvenires.

You aren’t cheap, really after a few trips what do you need to buy, beside some rum, the more trips south we take the less we spend.

If you dont drink it can be even cheaper. I bought about $250 for 3 weeks and the only thing it was really used for was tips so I actually still came back with a few bucks. I didnt do any excursions unless you call navigating the shops at Cortesito or the “men” at mangu an excursion :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!
Ummm… What the heck do you do with this roll of cash?!? :slight_smile:
I’m looking at $275US in $1, $5, and $10 and it’s huge! In fact it looks riduclus. I was thinking that I wanted to keep my cash on me (rather than in a purse) through the airport but I can see that’s just not going to work…
Where do you usually stash your cash as it were? :slight_smile:

We split it up between my wife and myself. I then pack my portion in a large zip loc bag, the ones with the zippers on them and carry it in my carry on. I add my business card to the lot. It’s positioned in the carry on so that I can visually verify it’s still there (at a quick glance) and the large bag is too big for any scam artist to hide.

What a great idea bfc!
I never thought of using a zip lock bag for the cash…will try it on our next trip in March.

Why not go with the obvious? Bring what you can comfortably afford. The question was " how much do I need to bring to an all inclusive". You do not have to bring anthing. Simply put, that is why they call it an “All Inclusive”. I looked it up in the dictionary and it basiclly said “everything is included”.

Well sure, you can sit there on your behind and eat and drink yourself silly, without tipping or giving any acknowledgment to the people that are serving you. You can do the same thing at your local restaurant just down the street. No one says you have to tip there either. It’s just not fair. We all know that people in the service industry are working for their tips. It’s not right, but it is just the way it is.
The question was about how much cash to take. That included tips, tours, casino, souvenir shopping, departure taxes, tourist card, disco, gourmet restaurant that may or may not be included, after hours drinks, the list goes on and on. All inclusive doesn’t necessarily mean ALL inclusive, despite what your dictionary says.

Here’s the quote

How much cash you you really need to bring with you for an all inclusive resort?

There was no should or how much would you bring. The question was simple, read it and then answer it and answer it as it was asked not as you percieved it.

Like everyone else, do what you want to do.

Thanks Bob.
I think the large ziploc bag trick will be a great solution.

jahaira to clairify, I did also ask
"How much on average to you find you need for tips and trinkets?"

Thanks everyone! You’ve been very helpful!