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How much money do you typically spend while in Cuba?

As a couple we usually take $300 CAN for a week and typically don’t do the tours anymore. Maybe half of that goes to tips.


brew24, that’s pretty close for us too.
Maybe $250 per week in cash plus the Departure Tax and VIP.

We spend about $400 including departure tax and 4 bottles of rum. Cigars usually go on credit card. The rest goes to tips I guess.

I budget 25 CUC exit fee, 7 to 10 CUC a day in tips (3 meals, drinks, maid, etc), 50-100 for a tour/trip, and $100 for Rum and 100 for cigars. I buy the fancy rums (10 year old, single barrel) and always get cigars for the guys at work/the mechanic for my car/the IT guy who saves my computer.

Roughly $200/person, including departure tax and purchases, and NOT including money we give to our Cuban friends+families. We rarely do excursions now and have not gone the VIP route.

I spend about $100/day on booze because I’m pi$$ed off that eloisegirl never comes to see me…


Tell me when you’ve got a couple of bottles of Maximo, and I’ll wend my way down…

I always take £1000 with me, bearing in mind I have to pay for two week’s or more accommodation in a casa and all my food and drink, plus gas if I rent a car.

Over # 2000.00 for two weeks but most goes to Michel & Angelica

[/p][p]Between $400 - $500 for a week. That includes tips (quite a bit), rum and of course the cigars (mostly for the IT guy LOL) and some t-shirts for the kids and assorted smaller gifts for friends.

As an independent traveller my daily budget varies wildly depending on what I’m doing and where I’m staying. $5/day (staying with friends, living/eating/drinking with CUP) to $400/day (high-end casa, car/driver, tourist nightclubs/restaurants, etc.)


I generally take around +/- $200, (for a week) but often bring half of it back. I have a couple of credit cards that I seldom use. First 25 CUC goes in my passport and stays there. Generally I have a few CUCs from my last trip to start the next one. And my “sh*t happens” stash (not a lot, but several currencies) in my Tilley. :wink:

I need a bit more for tips when the sailing is good! Otherwise I don’t spend a lot as I don’t drink a lot, and my daily regular tipping is generally around 6/7 CUC.

I usually bring with me $100 a day so some days I would spend around $50 some days $150 but in average around $100 per day and this is without money to help family.

I’m trying to figure that out right now. I leave on Easter Monday (21st) and am racking my brain as to how much $$ I should bring (I’m generally a “cash n carry” kind of girl). I’m thinking between $400-and $500, just to be safe. I need $25 for exit tax, $20 or so for my safe, tip money…not sure if I’ll do any tours or not, but I do plan on eating out a couple-three times since I’m SO close to town. I’d rather have it and not need it, etc. I will probably change $200 at first, reserving the rest.

I think that’s about right Desnei. I always bring way more than I think I’ll need. I hate counting money seeing how much I have left. I always make sure I have plenty and usually return home with lots left over.

Quite a range in the spending. So if you got a super good deal on your vacation would you be inclined to spend more or tip more? And vice versa if you had to shell out for your time in the sun would you cut back on your spending?


Going flight only to Cuba from the UK is quite expensive. If flight prices are high I stay for longer as the flight is the most expensive part of my vacation.

For example last year I flew Air Canada from the UK via Toronto. At that time it worked out cheaper than flying with Thomson plus Thomas Cook were not offering flight only at that time. As the price was over £700 I stayed for one month.

Yes, only exchange some at a time. You are going to lose 10-15% when you change over, and you will not make that back if you have CUC left when you head back home. Also, I beleive they are getting rid of the dual currency shortly, so you probbaly would not be able to bring it back to use again for a future visit.

And as for myself, usually about $300 is what I take. Enough for tips, exit tax, some treats to bring back home, and a little spending money for when in Cuba. Don’t do excurions as a rule any longer, but often venture off myself so need some money for that.

We are a bit at the upper-end of what others have said but we usually rent a car for a day or 2 also. We too often bring back $ … but would rather do that than use Credit cards while away.

We do take a credit card each as the just-in-case card and make sure you tell your cc company that you are away and that there should be no domestic use of the card during the time away and that you are in Cuba.

I usually go for two week periods and bring about $600.00, plus a credit card for emergencies. I never come close to spending all of the money and always bring some back, but it’s always better to have too much.

There aren’t much in the way of souvenirs that interest me anymore, except for the rum.

Also make a point of bringing about 50 CUC home with me for the next time.