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How much sunsrceen do you take?


I know it’s expensive in the hotels, so I don’t want to run out…but on the other hand, my husband gives me SUCH a hard time about my habitual overpacking…so I am trying to take much less this year. I usually take an assortment of sunscreen but am thinking of only two bottles this year. Think that will be enough for the two of us to use liberally for a week?


Hubby & I take 2 - 16oz bottles of sunscreen for a 2 week vacation and usually have some left in one bottle at the end of the 2nd week…

We leave it near - not on a chaise lounge - so if anyone wants it, they are welcome to our leftovers. If we left it on a chaise, someone might think the chair is being “saved”.


I usually take 3 bottles with me for a two week vacation. I start with 45 for the first few days and then drop to 30 for another couple of days and then just use 15 for the last week. I also bring a small bottle of oil with me for the last day. I too over-pack and bring way more than I need, I do the same thing when we go camping or the cottage so my husband is used to it.


I err on the side of ‘better to have too much than not enough.’ For one week I bring 3 bottles of waterproof/sweatproof SPF 15 and 3 of SPF 30 (for hubby and I). We usually end up bringing a bottle & a half home - I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and pay $25 US for it!


we brought a bottle each and shared if someone forgot to bring theirs to the beach and still had some left over 8-), I would say that if you bring 2 you should be safe for sure.


We always have too much as well. I usually bring 1 each of 30, 15 and 8, that is for a 2 week vacation. 30 for the first 3-4 days, 15 for days 5-10 then drop to 8 the rest of the holiday. (30 always goes on our “sticky out parts” like ears, nose etc). I keep the rest of the Zip Lock bags for Aloe Vera gel and a major moisturezer, which keeps your tan from drying out and ultimately fading.

FYI, although it doesn’t happen very often, some of them may pop open with aircraft pressure (it happened to us in December). We only had about 1/2 a bottle of 30 left when we unpacked, thank goodness all it did was go all over the bottles of the other sunscreen and not clothes, so no damage done.


Paul takes two bottles (SPF 15 and 30), since he has fair skin and gets the skin rash (see the topic listed - Damn Skin Rash). Jo takes SPF 4, but only for when she goes topless.


OK…when does a bottle expire? Some of ours don’t have dates. My hubby brings the spf 30 and I do spf 10, 8 & 4, all waterproof. I dug them out this afternoon and was looking for the ex dates…I’m guessing 2 years??


Hi Ya Quita,

My wife and I are well seasoned travellers in the Carribean. We usually bring on from here, and purchase the good stuff at the hotel, as I have found it cheaper. Here are a few suggestions so you don’t become lobster lady.

First, Pre tan prior to going. This will give you a base tan and you avoid being burned. A bad sunburn can ruin a vacation.

Second, Get a sun tan lotion that will work in water, and when you sweat. One that is a sports lotion is usually good. The cheap stuff can wear off, and the next thing you know, burn city.

Third. When you put on your lotion, do not forget your face, neck, ears etc. Also put lotion on your body, and I mean all around your body.

If you are unsure about what lotion to get, talk to your TA, or go to your local pharmacy, they will help you out.

Hope this is what you need. Have a great vacation.



Some things that work for that hot sun are:
Don’t forget to put lotion on your feet #30 works best for them.One of the worst burns you can get is on your feet.
I use about three bottles of sun tan lotion in two weeks.Starting at #30 and go down to#15, #8 or… #4 if you tan really well.
Also I have already started on a base tan at the tanning booth.
If you want to secure the tops of your lotion from spilling onto your luggage.Take the tops off the lotions and cover the bottle with a small piece of plastic bag then screw the top back on.If the bottle opens the lotion will still stay where it is supposed to be.
Don’t forget the after sun lotion either…Aloe works well.

Tourist :sunglasses:


I usually put my sunscreen on before my bathingsuit as you get all the nooks and cranies. then I put it only hourly. I’m fair skinned. I pre-tan before I go. I’m actually tanning now and I’m not going until the 21 of Feb. Bring quite a bit. YOu can always leave it or take it home with you.

Someone told me that if it’s over the expiration date it drops a couple of SPF’s. so keep that in mind.


Great tips guys :sunglasses:

I also read that you should apply your sunscreen 20-30 minutes before you lie in the sun. I guess that gives it a good chance to soak into your skin.
I’m also a great believer in pre-tanning. I am fair but do tan gradually. I would err on the side of caution and overpack sunscreen. You can always pass it on to another guest.


One small bottle, spf 8, one application a day. Fair skinned but not a “roaster”. Interesting to see the variations.