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How much to tip?

I’ve read a lot about tipping with money at resorts but I never seem to have come across just how much I should be tipping. If it’s all inclusive I won’t know what percentage to add on. What is a fair/good amount to tip? Should it be with USD or DOP? Hope someone can guide me in the right direction (forgive me if it’s been asked, I just couldn’t find the right thread). If it makes any difference, I’m staying at the Casa Marina in Sosua

So to recap - How much should I be tipping for what?

Front desk when getting a room
Maid services?
Drinks at a bar at the resort
Anywhere else?

Thanks guys!

i usually bring 100- 1 dollar bills and give them everywhere. for the maid i give a dollar a day and a bunch of little samples, lipstick,hair products, moisturizers.

Oh okay. How long of a trip are you there for if you are bringing 100 singles?

It’s a very personal thing. General guidelines
Maid - $2 to $3 / day, left on the pillow (or given personally if you happen to be there at the same time)
Busboy/girl - $1
Waiter/waitress - $1 to $2
Bartender(s) - $1 / day
a-la-carte restaurant with full table service - $5 (or more)
In all cases, given quietly with a sincere gracias, a smile and a handshake or hug.

edit: oh yeah, try to get some money to the behind the scenes people (gardeners, the gal who cleans the washrooms etc)

If you do leave gifts for the maid make sure you leave a note with your name on it, room # and what items you have left for her.

Yes, very important. Else they could be accused of stealing it.

I’ve also noticed that the maid generally won’t take money from anywhere but the bed. When left there, it’s 100% certain that the money is intended for her. As a test, I’ve left additional money on the dresser and so far it’s not been touched. I guess if you leave money there and not on the bed, and it’s an amount expected for a tip, they’ll take it.

I always buy nice thank you cards in which I write a nice note in spanish for the maid and leave her tip inside along with a few trinkets if I have brought any.
I bring $100 in $1us for the week and use that only for tipping. It’s much easier.

100 $1USD bills per week for tips. More if you plan to take in some tours.
Tips are in addition to the stuff you bring from home. Hats aren’t given instead of tips.
We take some extras for the maids and have a bag 'o stuff for the kids charities. BTBCF for DR.
Send me a PM and I’ll send you the details about pickups etc.
Bob said it well.
I’ll reinforce the bit about learning a little Spanish and thanking people in their own language. And we don’t need to be reminded about respecting the folks who look after us.
We will tip 2 or 3USD per day for the maid. Maybe $15 per day for everything.
We will also pay $15 per day to have someone visit and play with our cat while we’re away.
Do we tip too much in the DR? AI included,… hardly as much as we might if we really wanted to make a difference.

like every one has: said tipping is personal. we like to also tip the people at the water sport where you get your beach towel changed daily, as these people are often over looked as you at the beach in you suit , so stick a couple of bucks in your beach bags, as BOB said that gardener or the guys that rake that beach day in and day out for as little as $5 bucks a day. if you have recieved some great service during your stay ,at the end we often give out a bigger tip on the last day to someone unexpectedly. It’s a great feeling to give and expect nothing in return priceless , we like to try to make a difference in our own little way.

In most rooms there will be a card with the maids name on it. I usually take the card and put it on the pillow with the tip under it. Then there is no question that it is for the maid.

oh yeah, I give money to the behind the scenes people gardeners the gal or guy who cleans the washrooms its just anybody that goes out of there way for me or the wife it just up to you I do take 100 -1s and 30- 5s hey if it makes them happy it makes me happy what is a couple of bucks anyways …what ever is in your heart …got a new friend down in punta cana bring her and daughter some gifts down next week … everybody has a difference out look

We used to take cosmetic items for the maids but they get so much of this stuff, we have been leaving money on a pillow each morning. It is a personal thing, but for what our maids do for us we generally leave $5 a day. I tip the bartenders a buck here and there throughout the day, give money to the gardeners, the people who keep the beach area clean, etc. Also instead of school supplies, we like to make a monetary donation to the schools. This is mainly because of weight restrictions with luggage. But like home, we all tip when we want to be treated with that little extra touch.

oh yeah, try to get some money to the behind the scenes people (gardeners, the gal who cleans the washrooms etc)[/quote]

Yes please let’s not forget these folks. When you tip these people they almost fall over from shock and the bigest smile ;D.