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How "safe" are the safes in rooms?

I have never used the safes in the rooms because I just don’t trust em.
Just wondering…do people really use them? and are they safe?
Thanks for feedback.

We have always used the safe in the rooms, and have never had any issues.

We always use the safe. We have never had a problem either. Just make sure you shut and lock it before you leave the room.

[quote author=cdnpartsgirl board=general thread=1205930420 post=1205930420]I have never used the safes in the rooms because I just don’t trust em.
Just wondering…do people really use them? and are they safe?
Thanks for feedback.[/quote]

This makes me curious as to where you stash your stuff like money and passports or do you have to carry them around with you all day?

Experienced a safe “problem” once but I wouldn’t hesitate to keep using them rather than carrying stuff around or leaving stuff laying around.

I always keeps everthing on me! Not a great idea…but I have always felt safer that way. This time the other girls…think I’m crazy, (imagine) and say they want to use the safe. I am having a hard time with that idea.

I can’t imagine doing that. One of the first things I want to do is get rid of that ‘stuff’ and get it locked away safely.

hotel “safes” are definately safe, otherwise they would not be called a “safe”… :slight_smile: But we always use them, no sense losing money or your passport while at the pool/beach.

we’ve never had a problem, just be sure that even if you leave the room for a few minutes, you still lock it. ive heard stories of people who go for dinner come back an hour later and things are missing.

I failed to use mine in November and payed the price for it. IMHO locks only keep honest people out but its peace of mind.

the only thing "missing"for us at the Sirenis this yeat was the mechanism which locks the safe ::slight_smile: the parts were all over the bottom of the safe. ::slight_smile: :o im sure they would have fixed it but i just let it for the next guest…i didn’t want the hassle. shame on me right ???

;D ;D ;D we had to get someone to come decode ours this year…cause I shut it…and well…I couldnt get it back open, every time I punched in my numbers it said “ERROR” so for two days our money I am pretty sure was safe inside. When someone finally came, they had to take this little palm pilot thing and connect it to the safe and punch some #'s wham bam, safe clicks open, guys says im good to go but to read the directions :stuck_out_tongue: again.

At any rate…I still don’t really trust them


I don’t trust the safe’s 100% either but what other choice do we have? They have to be better than carrying everything with you.

Doesnt everyone have secrets to money travel? hide a little here hide a little there.

I know of really good hiding spots…LOL. I use them…


there is alot of creative ways to hide things in your room, that would make it very hard to discover, i recommend carrying velcro tape for such occasions , just look around and use your imagination

I use the bag that goes around my waste with all my important things in it. I don’t swim really so I don’t have to take it off. If I am wearing a shirt I just drape the shirt over the bag so nobody knows I am even wearing it when I go into town. But my tickets and all go in my knapsack that I put right in the safe, (usually). For the $20 for the safe its well worth it. :sunglasses:

Knowing me, I would hide something important and then forget to pack it when leaving for the airport ;D.

Hey sis. In November 05 I was on the airplane going home from the DR and realized I still had my safe key in my pocket. Well my camera and cigars were still in the safe. I some times leave in a pa nick and end up forgetting some thing. :-[

Frisky, sorry you lost your stuff but that is too funny! Glad to know I am not the only one who does stuff like that.

Exactly!!! Ive learned to be creative watching criminals all these years!


For small personal stuff when I wander off to find waves, I use this:

Copy of ID, a few $$, maybe the room key if needed. Since I wear a rash guard (kind of a Lycra t-shirt) to keep from frying out there, it sits under that so it’s not to intrusive. But plenty of other options at the site for those who want something for a camera, etc…