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How "safe" are the safes in rooms?


Been there myself…and the criminal element can be very inventive in their thinking also. Usually one step ahead of the “honest” person. If the hotel safe is the “best alternative” to secure your belongings, then I suggest that you use it. We have always used the room safe with no problems. Nothing is 100% “safe” but to carry your valuables around with you is inviting a problem.


Thanks for all the info. Maybe I’ll just stuff everthing in my bra…


I will definitely be using the safe as I always do. I feel much better having my passport and money in there while i’m at the beach or out and about. I never had issues with it.
16 more hours…for take off. I’m hoping there is no delays!!!


I feel that it would be much easier explaining theft from your room safe as against theft from someplace else in your room your room when it comes time to make a theft claim with your insurance agent.


I just bought one of these:

I admit it’s not an ideal solution, but if you’re going to be near your stuff, or away for a quick trip to the bar, it’ll keep your gear reasonably safe.


Gorfio…where do you hang that vacationvault. Is there anything in the rooms that is secured enough so it can’t be pulled away? Shower curtain rod maybe? I have one of those and never thought to use it down south. Any ideas where to stash it once it is full??? Thanks in advance…Raine


Well, I plan to still use the room safe for most valuables. The vault is for the beach/pool, so I can stash my ipod while I take a dip. I suppose if I were going to use it in the room I’d loop the cable over a water supply line for the sink or loo.


ooh…never thought of the water line thing. Where do you loop it at the beach? I would love to use if for my little camera while I was in the water. Thanks for your quick answer. Raine


Also forum readers::: If you have any ideas for hiding stuff, pm me, I promise I won’t tell anybody…lol or hold it against ya if it doesn’t work…lol


[Where do you loop it at the beach? I would love to use if for my little camera while I was in the water.]

I’d loop it around the palapa support if the cable is long enough. If not, I’d loop it around a couple of the roof supports in the top of the palapa. If I didn’t have a palapa, I’d probably lock it to a chair. Or lock a couple of chairs together with it. It’d be too awkward to carry away two chairs.


We talked to a couple girls in Feb, at Edehn, they said they had cash stolen out of there safe. Their passports and everything else was still there. I will still use the safe when we stay to leave passports and cash I don’t need to carry around.


::)I don’t take much money with me anyway, just some singles and 5’s for tipping. My passport, tickets and camera are all I"m worried about. Thankies for all the ideas with the vault thingy. My brother in law…(not my favorite) lol gave me one about 15 years ago and I have been cleaning around it for a long time. Now I’ll use it. And maybe even say thanks to him. or not lol. Thanks again…Raine


I use the safes and haven’t had a problem in the three years I have gone to the DR. Alot safer than carrying everything around with you and worrying about it if you go in the water.


I always use the safe. Nothing stolen in all my years of traveling. In April I will put all my valuables and I am confident everything will be there when I want/need it.

Lost the key to the safe when I was in Vegas last fall. Cost me $50. :frowning: They sent 3 guys to my room to unlock it. Had to fill out a bunch of paperwork saying I screwed up and authorized them opening the safe. It did make me feel like they were looking out for me. :slight_smile:


I always use the safe and have never had a problem, even when mother and I went out for the day and left the key in the safe door… oops, came back and asked ma for the key, she says no you have it… long story short had to go to reception who sent security up with the key which the room maid had handed in, he waited while we opened up and checked nothing missing then left. Did we give our maid a HUGE tip for that bit of kindness!

If I have too many things to put into the safe or things too big for the safe I just lock them into my handluggage bag. OK ‘they’ could still get in easily with a knife or steal my bag but so far so good. I think most thefts are small and quick/easy to get away with. I also wonder how many thefts are committed by other tourists? Just my thoughts on that matter.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


We have been traveling to the south for at least 6 or 7 years ,and have never encountered the least bit of a problem with the safe. I feel totally secure leaving our documents and money in them. Thats what they are there for , and if you had a STORY about them not being safe, I think I would like to hear the details before I would be freaking out about not using them. IMHO …Cheers… ;D ;D relax