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How to buy truly Last Minute Deal to Cuba?

Any of you buy last minute deal and what techniques do you use to buy Last Minute Deal to Cuba or any other destination? Few years ago when I went to visit my relatives in Germany Munich I was talking to my cousins and I was telling them about trips to Cuba and Caribbean. I explained how we can go online and buy last minute deal a few days ahead of time and go and enjoy warm weather. But when they told me what they do to catch last minute deal I was amazed and I wish we have that system in Canada. The go to the airport and they can see truly last minute deals for all destinations in the world. For example they see trip to GOA to India to Cambodia to Thailand and airplane usually leave in a few hours so you have to have your bags ready with you and money or credit card to buy last minute deal. My cousins traveled using airport last minute deals everywhere in the world from Africa to India. How do you shop for last minute deal? I know we have a few Brits here would be nice to know if this airport last minute deal is available for you guys.

I know that TACA/Avianca will put you on a list to be informed by email of last minute deals. I once got an email at 4 pm with a really cheap price on a plane leaving at 7 am the next morning, 1 seat left, however that was only for their flights.