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How to get Cuba visa?

Will I get Cuba visa automatically when I purchase air ticket through an online consolidator (e.g. Flightcentre.ca)?

Or do I need to apply it on my own?


It depends where you’re flying from.

In Canada it’s a no-brainer. Your airline, tour operator or travel agent will supply it.

In Mexico you buy it directly at the airport.

In most other western hemisphere departure points it’s either supplied, or available for purchase at the airport.

In Europe it’s much more complicated… in many places you have to acquire it through the embassy before departure…

I am in Canada, if I buy tickets online without agent, will I still get tourist card?


Unlike some places, departing from Canada truly is a no-brainer.

Your Tourist Card must be supplied by your airline, tour operator or travel agent.

Sometimes it’s included in the price of your ticket, sometimes you pay a fee at the airport, but the bottom line is that the Tourist Card will be made available to you before you land in Cuba.

No worries.

Follow this link to see a pic of a tourist card and how to fill it in


Perhaps I’m missing something but…
Are all nationalities treated the same in regards to entry?

Canadian tourists only need the tourist card provide by the airline.
Does this apply to all nationalities?

Is the OP Canadian?

Yes - they are treated the same by the Cubans (though Canadian national can stay 90 days compared to everybody else’s 30).

The difference is how they are treated by the airlines. Only those flying from Canada provide the tourist card automatically.

Thanks everyone!