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How/Where to find single people?


Hi, I’m going in 20/jul, staying until 3/aug in Dreams Punta Cana Resort, and will spend one week at Cabarete, at Coconut Palms Resort.

I will join 4-friends of mine (two couples) in this trip. But since I’m single, I would like to know if there are many group of single women travelling there?

And where is to best place to find someone? At the parties, the bars, the beach?

Btw, I’m 27 years old.

Any information on this? Maybe the locals can help me! It may sound silly, but I would love to meet someone there, to make this period more closer to my dreams.

Thank you!


Hi spOOky,

As is the case the world over there will be single women where ever you are, your challenge is to find them and convince them you are a nice person not someone just after a one night stand.

If you are just looking for entertainment there will be plenty of ‘ladies’ who will accomodate you for a price, just be careful is all I would say as the oldest profession is worldwide and not always as honest as some would like.

Just my thoughts as a single woman who travels but likes to choose who she spends time with.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


I guess you misunderstood me, or I wasn’t very clear. I’m not looking for one night stand or prostitutes. I want to meet nice people and spend my time with them meeting, going out, or something, not using them.

I want to meet people/groups that would ask me “we are going to … (some party or bar), would you like to go with us?”. The same for the beach: I want to meet their culture, their country, etc. It’s about meeting people, and some couples are there to be with each other, so that’s why I’m seeking single people. I want friendship, not relationship. Relationship can occur sometimes, but as a result of the first.

So, where can I find those people? Any tips? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time and your patience.


Hi Sp00ky

In Cabarete you will have no problems meeting people from all over the world. Your resort is a 10 minute taxi ride from Cabarete main street and beach. The beach is lined with cool bars and restaurants and nightlife goes on till late. Loads of young people out partying every night - check out Ono’s Bar and Voyvoy (live music and karaoke - yeah i’m not into karaoke but it’s really popular with the local residents and makes for a fun atomosphere). Too many other bars to mention, have fun exploring!

Dreams Punta Cana is very isolated - there is nothing near outside of the resort. It’s a good 50 minutes ride to Cortecito (Mangu nightclub and some other bars). The taxi fare won’t be cheap. Your best hope to meet people there is on resort - on the beach, by the pool, in the bar or disco.

Have fun!


Hi spOOky,

Sorry for the misunderstanding but it wasn’t clear quite what you wanted ::slight_smile: I have travelled alone many times to the DR and now have many friends couples and singles that I have met along the way, normally chatting at the bar is a good start, a few hello’s as you walk along and hey presto friends. In either resort if you want to go out into the ‘real’ world but don’t want to go alone talk to the guys in the animation team. If you pay the taxi and buy a couple of beers they will show you all the wonderful bars and people they know.

As I’ve said I now have many friends from around the world that I meet regularly in the DR and many good friends who live in the DR. I often spend more time away from the hotel with my friends than I do in it but I keep using the hotel as I like a base to work from.

Good luck and smile and talk to everyone, try a little Spanish if you can and smile! ;D I know I’ve said this twice but it really makes a difference.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


Take yb1’s advice. Head to Cabarete beach at night. Lots of bars and clubs (new one just opened at the west end of the beach). The party goes on to the week hours with lots of locals, tourists and expats in the mix. You will meet some interesting people there.



Hello everybody… This is my first post here. I’m a Dominican from Santo Domingo. My advice to sp00ky is to try to visit the bigger cities like SD or Santiago, more than half the population in the country lives in those two cities and nightlife is very active in both places, so if you really want to get to know our culture these are the places you should visit.

Santiago is less than 2 hours from Cabarete, I’m pretty sure you can find a nice clean room downtown for less than $40 a night, beautiful girls up there and lots of typical merengue clubs, just make sure you can dance a little… The resorts areas are the nicer but don’t really show the way we live.

Santo Domingo is by far the largest metropolitan Area, over here you would find after work bars with a lot of college students in the later night, shopping malls, etc; on the weekends clubs are packed and the nearby beaches and sea restaurants are pretty busy as well… I hope you have a more clear idea of what it is like.