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Hows customs holguin

Any recent problems at the airport ? Specificly electronics. Anything relevent to how much you are bringing in. Also are they still asking for you to fill a declaration card on the plane? Leaving fri for 3 wonderful weeks .
Thanks in advance for info

I recently returned from Holguin. Before our departure I was very worried about all the stuff I was planning taking after reading on the Cuban customs website that $50 worth of gifts are duty free, $50 - $150 is 100% duty and $150 - $250 are 150% duty!!!.
As a result we decided to take only one bike (in stead of two) and external harddrive, 2 DVD’s, 4 CD players plus clothing and other gifts. My anxiety was uncalled for as everything went well. (Had some hassles about the NJT suitcase of medicine).
However, I firmly believe that customs officials play “cat and mouse” with tourists and are very unpredictable about what they will and will not allow.
We completed declaration cards but they weren’t collected (as far as I can recall).
Enjoy your trip.

I was at Holguin in October and to Varadero this January and in the 9 trips I have made, I have never had to fill out a customs form only the tourist card. Perhaps they know the state of the economy in the Maritimes and don’t target Halifax flights!!.

I’ve never been asked to complete a Custom form for things I am bringing in.
When they’ve searched our luggage, they have been looking for food (ie, meat, fruit products), and drugs. Anything in the way of clothes, school supplies, medical supplies, even tools have never been questioned. In fact, my brother-in-law goes for two months at a
time and takes a ton of stuff - never had a problem.

We had to complete the declaration forms for the first time on our most recent trip in December - nobody was interested in them at Havana airport though.

Thanks for the info. Like africa says hit and miss I suppose. 3 more sleeps