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Hummmm - interesting article

We all know that one man’s great news can be someone else’s what were they thinking? One person will have a remarkable review about a resort and another week another person there is no pleasing them and their review will reflect that. But this I thought was an interesting article.

Prince Charles was quoted saying something like

The problem with people is they believe what they read

Good read, Canucks. So if TA and Expedia are same-source, other than Travelocity, where else can we check for reviews (this as I am planning a trip to Europe in the fall and would love to partake in fine dining at some point).

Getting back to Cuba, I sure get a chuckle (and a sigh) out the negative reviews with the 4 pictures of the tub, the ant on the wall or the buffet, and comments such as “What? No Ketchup?” or “too much Wind on the beach”. You can take 'em, but I’d much rather leave 'em…

I don’t know when that article was written, but Expedia no longer own Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor is a stand alone company and, as such, is now quoted on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange,