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Huricanes in June?

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if anyone can help me! We are thinking of returning to the Dom Rep next year, we last visited last year & stayed in Punta Cana at the Riu Palace Macao in late Oct/Nov & had a great time. Next year we were thinking of visiting in June. Is this Huriacane season? We were hit by a minor one last year but otherwise we had great weather.
We also thought about trying the north this time as we have stayed in Punta Cana twice before. We were thinking of one of the Riu hotels in Bahia Maimon…would this be a good choice?
Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Many thanks Debs

yes hurricane seasons starts may/june and ends oct/nov.

I actually thought hurricane season started around Oct/Nov and ended around March

no summer is hurricane time

I would not personally worry to much about the Hurricane threat in June although tropical storms are always a possibility by all accounts. Corrected me if I’m wrong here but for the most part August and September seems to be the time when your most at risk from major Hurricanes in the Caribbean,and even then,the chances of a direct hit are still pretty slim.

Wish we were out there right now!

Roll on April ;D

Hurricane season runs June 1-November 30. We have been to Punta Cana at least 6 times during hurricane season and honestly, we have had better weather every time than when we have visited outside of hurricane season. I have no worries in visiting PUJ in June; September, yes, I do keep a closer eye on the forecast, but we have never ever had a problem in Sept/Oct/Nov - really, I think the odds of being hit by a hurricane in the DR are pretty small no matter when you visit.

Historically there has never been a major hurricane to hit the North Coast of the D.R. Tropical storms, however, can be disastrous to the locals but the resorts can certainly withstand these storms.

Last year the second week of December in Puerto Plata was very rainy and Tropical Storm Olga hit. This was quite a frightening experience. Most of that week was spent hunddled under an overhang when we wanted to be outdoors. The clean up at the resort was speedy. Unbelievably fast in fact. The bottom line is that the lines are more and more fuzzy as to when hurricanes or storms will hit in the Caribbean.

i have been many times in june and the weather could not have been better!!

june is together with may the time with the best weather of the year for Punta Cana.
very calm waters, very low winds, pure sunshine and less humid than the hotter summer months to come.
yes, june counts as the beginning of hurricane season for the caribbean at all. in case of PC the highest risk time is september and early october, most years nothing happens, IF something happens it is tropical storms passing nearby, the last hurricane visited PC in 2004, the rest of “hurricane season” summer time is pure sunshine with little downpours, dry. the wet time for the east coast/PC is end october til end jan/mid february, then we have the usual 10-12 knots winds, Sea on 5-8ft and the most monthly rainfalls of the year.
and btw, it is cold, i wear a sweater when not walking directly in the sun now.
happy holidays

in 2 hrs off for the x-mas party for our crews, ha ha