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Hurricaine season prediction

Looks like a bad year


Not good news for our friends down in Cuba (and other countries). May they all be safe from this freak of nature.

that prediction can out a few years back…maybe 2010 (??) and it was the least active hurricane season ever for Cuba… I will hope they are wrong, like that , again

Have seen many hurricane predictions in the past and like all the other forecasts, they are seldom accurate. It is not hurricane season here but we have high winds and 100mm rain overnight and into tomorrow.

Well, there has been some unusual weather across North America, this Spring, including the terrible tornado in Oklahoma. Could be this year’s hurricane season will be a continuation of the extremes we’ve been experiencing. We can only hope that will not be the case!

Hoping that the prediction is wrong, and if it’s not, that damage and injury will be limited.

On the bight side…perhaps prices will be even lower than normal during this time!!! ;D ::slight_smile: