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I booked with


and I need to tell you, I’m not shilling for them,
truly I’m not but I’ve been watching the prices at
the Royal Hideawayin Santa Clara. Humming and hawing about
whether we should go there or back to Cayo Coco/
Guillermo where we’ve been numerous times.
I wasn’t sure but I really had this thing about trying
new resorts and new off resort adventures and to
be truthful, I kind of like new experiences but I like
tried and true to.
Well this week the prices went up at Santa Clara, kind of caught me off guard.
Now I’m euchred, I had a budget and it’s now over the budget’s top limit. Dm
So I don’t know what came over me but I decided to phone
itravel, got a lady on the phone and told her that the prices
just went up and I was very disappointed.
She started to say she was kind of stuck, but she could cut me a little slack because I’d dealt with them before.
Before she could tell me how much slack, I told her, if she did, I’d book right then, she cut me a little, I paid a little extra, and
[move]AWAY WE GO[/move]
couldn’t be happier, with itravel and the fact that we are going to what looks like an amazing resort.

I have had similarly good results from selloffvacations.com. We have booked tickets to the states, Europe, and about nine trips for either the two or three of us through them to Cuba. I have called and had the agent look to see if a cheaper ticket was available and because we have given them so much business have been given a separate room for no extra cost.

But for our last trip, I happened to see a fabulous price after midnight on selloff online for a week at Villa Cuba right after Christmas and grabbed it right away. We paid $2388 including taxes for three of us, allowing us to pay for the Jeep Tour, VIP at the airport, etc and still save hundreds over what we’ve paid other years. It was gone by 8 AM when I looked again. So the moral is also, when you see a deal, grab it! :sunglasses:


Have fun.

Nice to see you got some help !