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I can't remember

I can’t remember if I am allowed to put my rum in my carry-on for returning to canada from punta cana??
Was in Cuba last month and we always bring our rum home in the carry-on as there are no restrictions coming back…but can’t remember if I can do the same coming from DR

You can’t bring it with you in your carry on from your hotel, for example, but you can buy it in the airport after you’ve cleared security. Rum isn’t the best price in duty free, but you can buy all the standard liquor for the standard duty free prices and carry it in your carry on for the flight from the island.

Upon arrival home and clearing customs, where you have to collect your luggage even if you have a connecting flight, you must then pack it in your checked luggage for a connection regardless of where it was purchased. Many people worry about going overweight with their luggage and there are few things heavier than a couple of bottles of alcohol. If you haven’t a connection, then what you brought from the DR is fine as is.

I fly Air Canada which has a more generous luggage allowance and have never had anybody check my carry on for weight upon boarding the plane. The charters may be stricter (though I’ve never heard anybody talk about it).


I’ve had my carry on weighed on those charter flights several times. Regardless, you can’t put any liquids in it (like your rum) that were purchased BEFORE going through security. Stuff purchased in the duty free AFTER security is fine, but as Kaki pointed out, the prices there are not the best.

edit: Did you say they allowed you to carry bottles of rum through security in Cuba? Scary. They’re all supposed to follow the same rules …

Thanks for the help … I remember buying my rum “on the beach” but couldn’t remember where I put it for travel… I will pack my bubble bags so that i can protect it in my checked luggage.

Yes I have made 7 trips to Cuba since the restrictions and have on several occasions brought back without them even blinking…I have found the stricter airport to be cayo coco, they always go thru my carry-on… every time in fact. We generally purchase at duty free in Cuba as it is after weigh in …but I remember the Punta Cana “duty free” was more than the “beach” prices.

I’ve had my carry-on’s weighed many times myself. Bubble bags, those sound interesting. Where do you get such things?

Hey sunseeker6. I never leave home without my bubble wrap which can be purchased at the dollar store. I also take rubber bands. I wrap my bottles in bubble wrap and secure the whole thing with a couple of rubber bands. Works great and have never broken a bottle yet.

mine are the shape of those gift bags you get for bottles, and they came in something else i bought so I saved them and they work great,but wrapping in bubble wrap as oceangirl suggests would work as well.
The bags are so easy , just slide the bottle in and it’s all air protected around it, especially if you are carrying in your carry-on… no clanking!!

hi oceangirl like you I never leave home without my bubble wrap, I’ve been using it for at least 10 years before the carry liquids in the suitcase , I find it handd for wrapping and transporting things like bug spray , pepto liquids.when I get home I leave it right in my case for the next trip, sometimes I carry an extra piece or two , last year it came in handy as people we were with brought some booze to carry in the suitcase,they thought this was a fabulous Idea , work for a lot of thinf and weighs nothing . in my carry on i can wrap my sunglasses too as they are a queer shape. excellent protection low cost,

We just wrap our bottles in our clothes in the suitcase for the trip home.Maybe its just been a string of good luck but in 12 years to the DR I have never had a bottle of Rum or Presidente damaged.
Maybe its just the very carefull way the baggage handlers treat all our luggage.Ha! Ha! Ha!