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"I do" or "I don't"

We have a conumdrum and I’m hoping my saner/wiser boardmates will chime in with their 2 cents worth:
We have been invited to a wedding in Mexico. It is a friend (but not a best friend) We see this couple socially once every 2 months or so…they had a big “blow-out” fight (again) Wedding may be in doubt…now I am worried…if we shell out all the money and then they call it “off” we’ll lose a good portion of the money.
We would rather go away by ourselves anyway but don’t want to ‘snub’ them…???
What would you do if you were in my sandals?

Based on your description of your relationship with this couple…they aren’t close friends nor family, if I were in your shoes I’d be declining the invitation.  Attending a wedding out of country is a big commitment and you could be left holding a costly bag if they don’t go through with it.  I don’t think turning down a wedding invitation is a snub, especially if it involves you having to shell out quite a bit of money to attend.  You shouldn’t feel guilty about it, either.  Again, it’s not a close friend nor family member.   Decline, politely, and offer to take them out to dinner to celebrate their wedding when they get back.  Good luck resolving your dilemma.

Thanks steff…we’re still discussing it and are leaning towards “not” going. I like the idea of taking them out for a nice dinner after they return and I’m sure we’d enjoy looking at their pictures.
I can do without all the ‘drama’ and I’m not keen on being caught in a bad episode of “Bridezillas”…ha ha!

Funny, we also have a wedding to attend in San Miguel Mexico in Oct. I’m all for it but my wife is pretty iffy. Expensive, yes but we are trying to turn it into a holiday as I don’t think of a wedding as a holiday.

Part of my wife’s concern is the risk. The area is not in the danger area but that area is growing constantly. We went through a few road blocks south of Cancun with machine-gun toting cops and we had no concerns but it’s still in the back of your mind. I’d love to see more of Mexico but there is risk, no matter how you look at it. Even renting a car and getting an honest deal has already become a problem. The rest of our family is invited but not attending due to cost. The cost is not just in flights but also in taking time off, kennels for the pets, etc., etc. - it all adds up.

It’s a personal choice and you should not feel any pressure one way or the other. Just go with your gut feeling.

Well…problem solved. Wedding has been called off! Gosh…they sent the invitations and put deposits down on the wedding extras, etc.
Better now than later. I’m not sure why…none of my business.
I’m just glad we didn’t book already.
Now we can book for Cuba…yeah!

[p]Dax is correct about going with your gut feelings.  Your comments, in your original post, led me to think that you were concerned about the strength of the relationship.  Sounds like your feelings were bang on and it’s great you decided to go with the feelings and not get stuck with a booked vacation that was not your preference.  Now, you can book with confidence for your own pleasure :slight_smile: