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I know it's early but am so excited Santa maria here we come

[p]Just booked our trip for Feb 2014 wooohooo


It’s not too early momma67! We just booked for March 2014 woooohooooo! Santa Maria here we come!!! I don’t feel so crazy now!

Thats awesome…I was hoping to book a deal this fall, but doesnt look promising. So now I am looking at the winter. Doesn’t help when you have to wait for other people to confirm…lol.

I would have already had a cpl trips booked for the winter if it was just me…haha

Not crazy at all, we booked June 4th for April 2014 IB Ensenachos. Early bird gets the deal and the seats. LOL Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng countdown.

monctonguy…I feel your pain. When I started booking for our group years ago I said when I call you have to be ready not waiting around. My agent can hold for 24 hours for me but after that it’s no good. Five years now and so far so good. I send out one email letting them know the prices, group and non-group and they have the day to get back to me. Most are within a few hours. Hope it keeps up this way as I have been on the other end as well. I no longer travel with them because of that. Our group is ready and most even gave me their card numbers. Lots of pressure on my end but then we head back to the same place so all is well. Last year one in the group broke her leg in February and had to cancel. So upset, she did get her $ back. She is more than ready to head out in April. Good luck with your planning.

Monctonguy, I feel your pain too and being on the east coast (NB), the deals and seats get taken fairly quickly cause our choices are very limited. Sunlover not sure if you are in the boat. I can’t imagine being responsible to book for a group, wow!! I had to take care of my parent’s booking and ours one year and I just about went haywire! Good luck with your bookings!

I took a quick look at Halifax departures and was shocked at the difference with Toronto. MCSM isn’t even booking til next summer and the rest are waaaay higher. I think MCSM will be about $600. (all taxes in) for mid Sept. from YYZ if you are willing to wait to book. There is no reason why the east & west coasts are getting gouged so badly. I know even flying out of Hamilton, K/W or London (all within an hour of Toronto)is hundreds higher than Toronto, yet the airlines say that Pearson taxes are the highest of any. Wish there was a way to start our own airline.

[p]I’m always excited once we’ve booked and I’ve been excited for 4 months having booked back in April for next Feb. vacation.  8-)  Just think of all the time you’ll have to plan and dream![/p]

Yeah…I look at pricing everyday…lol. And really seems at times there is no rhyme or reason for the pricing. However, just have to make the best of it.

I am pretty flexiable which helps in getting a good deal, but not everyone is as lucky as I am.

Sunlover - we booked in July for Iberostar Ensenachos in April/14 - the early bird definitely does get the worm and the good seats and excellent pricing!!! We’re going Air Canada - Executive Class and it was cheaper than Air Transat Club Class!! :0 We’re staying in the Spa Suites and really looking forward to it - it will be our first time to Ensenachos!!

cubajunkie are you on TA? If so there is a Cayo Ensenachos travel forum there. Take a look. As this site is closing down, we can chat there. sunlover1960.

I can see you enjoyed Ensenachos as well as we did last year.
We will be sitting by the adult pool this time next week

For those going to Cayo Santa Maria, I was there December 8-15 and the weather was great! A little head’s up, though: the beach between the HUSA (where we were)and the Memories was the best. The rest heading west (Melia Las Dunas and Melia CSTM were severely ravaged by erosion, no beach to speak of, on a slant, some coral…

I hope the beach has changed or has been amended… for your sakes.

Beaches in the Cayos are always remodelling. Cayo Largo is a great example. The beach you raved about last week may have taken up and moved to the neighbouring hotel that all the reviews were complaining about having no beach at all. Now it is blessed with a great expanse of sand, courtesy of wind and tide.

I have seen a lot of change over the years at Cayo Santa Maria as well. Whenever anyone posts about the lack of beach at such & such resort, I just smile, because you can bet in the next few months (or sometimes weeks) someone else will report on how great a beach the same resort has!

Bit like the comments about the water always being calm, or windy. Depends on the week, or even the day! :slight_smile: