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I’m so looking forward to traveling to Cuba


I’m so looking forward to traveling to Cuba. What type of budget would you suggest for this itinerary?


$50 per day for tips and shopping, most resorts are all inclusive.


Such an open question …
a bit depends on where you are staying and what you want to do. If this is a stay on the beach & at the resort or a mix of excursions and rest or on the go all the time - all of this will affect the $$'s needed


John, a good connection for Euros or Sterling at a low exchange cost is a good start. Do you know if your passport provides automatic Tourist Visa status in Cuba?
Have you looked at flights?


thank you for reply my Qustion


Where are you staying? Are you doing any tours? Are you travelling alone? If you are at an ALL Inclusive resort on your own and are not doing any tours $50 should cover your duty free and tips.


It’s an amazing place for holidays.