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I miss the DR!

Hey guys and gals…After vacationing in both PP and PC in the past two years, I thought I would try something new. I booked a trip to Varadero for April and Im taking my 16 year old son this time. Im suddenly really regretting my decision…I know well have a good time ( who wouldnt at the beach) but Ive developed a major longing to go back to the DR... Im hoping to go to PP in July for two weeks to do some volunteer work but it seems so far away. Im kicking myself in the A$$, as I should have stuck with showing my son the country that Ive fallen in love with…
Many of my firends have been to both the DR and Cuba and tell me they like Cuba better…I`m trying to keep an open mind and a positive attitude toward it but the DR has really gotten under my skin.
Has anyone else felt this way when trying out a new place?

i know what you mean. DR is definatley our favourite place to go. but its good to try out other places too or else how will you know! we went to cuba in 06 and it was nice, but DR definately beats it. also you can appreciate different places for different things. like mexico its got a lot of great history, nice resorts etc, but the DR has something special!

I miss it and I just came back less than a month ago!!!

It really is an addiction like no other:)

It really must be an addiction. I’m going back to the DR (POP) in April for my 22’nd visit. I’ve got DR withdrawls, I went to Cayo Coco, Cuba in Oct because I coudln’t get a good deal for the DR. I had a great time, the beach, the people were awesome, but I still couldn’t wait til the next trip to the DR. :sunglasses:

The last 5 trips we have gone to Jamaica, but I really miss LaRomana and Iberostar Hacienda (we had stayed there 5 times)- the scuba diving is wonderful as are the people at the resort. I’m sure that we will return someday and wonder why we ever left

Wed decided to go away for Christmas for the first time ever and found a good deal to Mexico. We leave Dec 20 for one week. I admit I am not as excited about that trip as I am about my two week annual vacation to DR. Even though the Mexico trip is first I can’t quit thinking about Punta Cana and La Romana. The DR is as good as home.