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I need to decide...help please


We usually stay at the RIU Palace but it is not available when we are, sigh, so now I have to pick somewhere else.

I’ve narrowed it down to Iberostar Punta Cana (next door so I know where it is), Bahia Principe (on the other side) and then I came across Dream Punta Cana which I understand is further along and then I saw that Dreams Palm Beach which is in a part that I don’t know.

We’re looking for really good food, great beach and a nice room and good service (isn’t everyone!?!). We’ve stayed at the Bahia Coba in Mexico and loved the Jr. suites. The rooms at the Rui Palace were very nice too just so you know what we are looking for.

We’ve never been to an Iberostar but have heard good things and Dreams sounds very good as well and I’m tempted.

What would you recommend? I’m just too confused.

I was also wondering what the difference in beach was between the north end where the RIU’s are and down Bavaro way?


Some people have said that water in front of Dreams PC rocky, better to left of resort (towards Sirenis). The further north you go, the coarser (more golden than white) the sand and rougher water. I would recommend Bahia Principe, of those listed.

If you liked the beach at the RIU then you do know what the beach is like at the Iberostar. It is the same, absolutely great. I doubt you can find to many members in here who dislike the Iberostar as I feel you will be very happy if you decide to go there. On another note, the RIU Palace is full? WOW!! Which one of the Palaces did you try if you don’t mind me asking?

Can’t go wrong with the Bahia Principe. Food is great, Rooms big and staff friendly. They have the Ambar section for adults only if you are interested.
Your right beside the Riu, so you know the beach is great.
Enjoy !!!


Finally after staring at all that snow today, I booked the Bahia Ambar. We’ve never done the only adult so thought we’d give it a try and it wasn’t that much more expensive than going Golden or Diamond.

We needed to go end of January and the RUI Palaces were all booked for 14 days out of Toronto. I was surprised too. I was also surprised at the prices this year for them… Saved about $1500 going to the Ambar and that’s a lot of $. I guess they didn’t need to discount this year. Went two years ago in January for same price as Ambar.

I know we’re going to love it.

Thanks so much for your comments.

Great Board, nice people.