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I wish I had waited


How’s this for a deal? Punta Cana Princess, Dec 2, two persons, two weeks (yes, two weeks), taxes in, $2208.10 CDN. Oh, and seeing as it’s Sunquest, there’s another $250 off if you book before Nov 30th. Cheaper than staying home.


Your right, you’ll pay that much in Dec to heat your house.

Just have to try and get the time off work


Hey, it gets worse. I just checked the prices for Dec 4th. I’m gonna be ill! :’( :’( :’(


Stop it Bob, I had to walk to work today, and it’s a bit cold out there. Have my screen saver on the lobby bar at the Caribe Club Princess - And I am daydreaming about being there!!!


That’s it Bob,you now have me feeling sick to. You had to tell us didn’t you :sunglasses:


I was hoping my pain would be someone elses gain! ::slight_smile:


Yeah you people in Ontario get all the good deals! I’ve seen resorts under $400 from Toronto. Nothing like that out of Atlantic Canada. Of course you also get to travel all year long to the DR we don’t! It’s like being held prisoner. :smiley:


Bob…we booked Riu Merengue on Saturday for $1479pp for 2 weeks. Got home & found the Sunquest coupon for $500 off (if used by midnight Nov 22)…T/A contacted Sunquest & they are honoring the coupon. So now Merengue is $1229pp for our 2wk period (Jan 9-24/06) !!
*47 more sleeps!!


“Almost” makes you want to move here doesn’t it? ;D


Makes my air only to look like it’s not that cheap for me anymore. I think Bob you are rubbing my nose in it aren’t you?


Nope! But it’s cold here and almost 11, so I might have to pull out that bottle of Brugal and drown my sorrows! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: I’m sure wud and Gregg have a head start on me, but I can catch up.


That’s a great deal! We got a pretty good one for Iberostar - leaving on Saturday for one week. I don’t think I could go for 2 weeks in December. I know I’d go back to Tropical in a heartbeat. :sunglasses:
There are stil some good deals out there but don’t know about March… Daughter came back from Cuba last week and as they were checking out on Saturday the hotel was filling up. Evidently a bus load had just arrived - they had been switched at the last minute. They did get a better hotel out of it though - so people weren’t too upset. I read on the Mexican boards that some carriers are cancelling flights to Cancun because there’s not enough people to fill them. They’re also adding stopovers to non-stop flights to Cancun to pick up more passengers…


Is there always last minute deals like this alot or is this a rare occurance. Me and my girlfriend were debating about next year bookign our time off and waiting till abotu a week before we go to pick a place and pay. We aren’t to picky abotu were we go so woudl this be a good idea for next time. I just dont’ want to try it and it not work.


That’s the nature of “the game”.
We went to a hotel about the same time last year.
The listings for that hotel disappeared about a month before we left, so if I had played the last minute strategy, I would have been left holding the bag.


I guess we’ve been lucky because most of our 6 trips were booked 3-4 weeks in advance and we never had any problems. Our Tropical Princess one was 2 weeks in advance last March and it was great. We’ve been to Bahia Principe the same way. We’ve always had 4-5 star resorts.


Bob, which site did you find this on?



Holiday Market Travel. $2208.10 (Dec 2) and $2248.10 (Dec 4).
Availability was confirmed as of 7:20 am.
Sell Off Vacations was running $4 more.
I believe there is an additional $250 off since it’s a Sunquest package and there is a coupon that expires Nov 30.
There are other similar good deals for the same date.
Unfortunately, they have had my money since July and it was a lot more than that price. :frowning:
I guess the good news was that I got my hotel choice. :wink:


Sell of vacation will BEAT any price and give you $50 for you next trip if you find a lower price and no hassel for the 50


Could have fooled me. They weasled out on it last year because quote " the competing price was from a company that was not on their list".
Actually, I found a price that was better than either of them and booked before they changed their mind.


I recieved my $50 credit without even asking…told them i saw it cheaper on the Travel Canada site …they beat the price by $10 each (there was 4of us going) and credit came with our invoice. Looking today i see La Romana for $292 for a 4 star ( I can’t get a room in Niagara falls for 2 nights for that. without food) but you have to be able to leave tomorow and be flexable where you go . There is always a deal to be had