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IB Daiquiri excursion


I’m new to this board (to posting not to lurking). I am headed to the IB Daiquiri in Cayo Guillermo in May and would like the advice of those that have been there. I wanted a quiet beach vacation with the family (including 2 toddlers) that is why I chose that resort.

I do want to visit Trinidad and saw that a tour from the hotel is abut 70CUC per person. I would like to know if it would be cheaper to just rent a car and/or take a cab since the total cost for the family would be around 240CUC anyway.

This way, we would also be on our own schedule.

As anyone rented a car or taken a cab from the IB ? How much was it ? I did a search and could not find anything similar

Thanks for your help.


we are off to the ID in less than 48 hrs for the 4 th time!! I can tell you thqat the roads are so bad I wouldn t drive on them…any cab or bus would be safer…must be a long drive to Trinidad …the closest town is Moron and it’s at LEAST 1.5 hrs!! have a graet trip!

I agree the roads there are bad… I wouldn’t drive… Atleast with the bus trip all of your basics are covered.
When in may are you going?? We arrive May 1st!! SOOOO EXCITED…
Halifax- HAVE FUN!!! I am really jealous that you leave tomorrow!

are the roads bad enough that you wouldnt rent a scooter? I was considering it when I go down there, just to go to pilar beach and maybe see a bit more of the area. I dont plan on going too far. Moron…is that 1.5 hours by cab? Thanks.

Re: the excursion to Trinidad: I’ve done it (from Cayo Santa Maria), and even though the price for kids might be cheaper, it’s not an excursion I would recommend for toddlers, because it’s a 3-hour bus ride to reach Trinidad, and most of the visit is not very interesting for toddlers (such as the Romantic Museum). It was no doubt my favorite excursion ever, but it makes for a very long day.

Thanks for all your replies.

To answer your questions:

We are heading out there on May 2nd from Montreal.

Apart from the trip to Trinidad, I was planning on just staying at the beach and maybe taking a cab to Pilar Beach.

Caper27, I think a scooter is not going to be comfortable for a 3 hour ride.

I did figure it was a long bus ride with toddlers that why I was looking at maybe taking a cab to be able to come back if they become cranky and also not have to follow a crowd in museums.

I know there is a kid’s club but I believe it is closed for lunch. Are there any babysitters ?

Torah, I guess we will be there at the same time. We are only going for a week though

See yea there then… Also we are only going for a week as well!

Aside from the fact that it wouldn’t be much faster, I think going by car (cab or rental) would be even worse for toddlers comfort-wise, and not all cabs will have working seat belts. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are very few amenities along the way. The road cuts through Cuba at the center of the country - not completely off the beaten track, but not far off either!