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IB* v Palladium v GBP

Hi all! I am considering where to go for next year and my three favourite choices so far are Iberostar Paraiso del Mar/Beach, any of the Palladiums or any of the Gran Bahia Principes.

As the prices are all about the same, does anyone have any pros/cons about any of these, or even better, if they’ve been to 2 or 3 of these and can compare them.

I know that you can dine at all the restaurants/use pools/bars at the Palladiums, whereas at the IB* you can only use del Mar/Beach facilities and at the GBP you can use all pools but not restaurants (not sure about bars).

Many thanks for any help.


At bahia you can use all the bars, just the buffet in your section you have to go to but you still have access to all the a la cartes. I myself had a hard time between these 3 too this year, we decided on palladium as we have a 2 year old sand the kids club attracted us and also they have no reservations for a la cartes plus their restaurants open early for dinner, another bonus when having young kids. I still would like to do the other 2 as my son gets older.

Just off the top of my head, I would say the down fall for GBP would be the distance from Playa del Carmen, otherwise we loved it there and would go back. We have been to the Palladium and it is only a few minutes closer to town but we loved it there also. The IB is the closest and would be my next choice for a resort when I go back. Only because I have not been there yet.

Bahia Nut checking in. Just got back Saturday from Palladium and have to say it is a close second to the Bahia. Had a great time and the beach was better than the Bahia. Also the no reservations for the a la carts was a nice touch. I was at the IB* a long time ago and enjoyed it but not enough to return. Now it will be a toss up GBP Tulum or Palladium. Any ? ask away

so between the bahia and palladium what do you like best from which one??? we are booked to do the palladium in Jan and had a very hard time decididng on which to do as i really liked both. I still want to go to the bahia next time though but having some ideas of what one likes better at each is a nice thing…

The beach at the Palladium Kantenah side is great, very few rocks. The lunch buffet at Azul was always excellent, not just the typical burgers etc as at the beach snack bars. Cappuccino available everywhere 24hr a day. Music in the lobby does not end at 9pm. And no reservations for a la cartes was great. If I think of anything else I will let you know.
As for the Bahia beach is good. Food in the evening buffets better. Music at lobby bar is a group of two or three and a good mix of music for dancing even though it ended at 9. Feel the staff at both were verry friendly. And service at both equal. I find many things similar and so I will be returning to both and now become not only a Bahia Nut but a Palladium nut as well.