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IB Varadero

:-/ I’m counting down…5 more sleeps before we go…I had posted a thread about IB double rooms having beer in their fridge…is there any? My other question is that I’ve been trying to reach Skyservice to let them know of my husband’s health issues and when you call the prompts don’t let you speak to a person. I tried emailing them but they just send me to the Q and A’s on the website…any ideas? Appreciate any feed back.

Stop worrying about the beer already ;D. It is a 4.5 * resort, most have beer in the fridge, at least on arrival. We stayed there several years ago but I cannot remember that detail as we prefer a Pina Colada in our room after a long, hard day in the shade. As for your much more serious matter, if you used a Travel Agent to book your trip, I would contact them with your concern.

When we were there the fridge was stocked daily with water, pop and beer!! Every day - don’t worry :wink:

Thanks Guys…I called my travel agent yesterday and all is well there will be a rep meeting us once we get off the plane. A Pina Coloda sounds like a wonderful alternative… :slight_smile:

Hey there blubombergirl I just sent you a pm : )


I don’t want to alarm you, but you may want to contact the Tour Operator and/or the resort and reinforce your need for assistance. Then don’t be surprised if you have to look for / or the assistance is not what you expect. I have had a limited experience with this promise of “assistance” on flights in Canada and the UK and found that the “message” did not get through. So you can imagine the possibilities in Cuba. Not to say everything won’t be fine, just be aware that not everything turns out as expected.

Otherwise have a great time. You will enjoy the resort.