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Iberostar CD - Minifridge contents?


I was wondering how much beer they put in there? Are there smokes as well ( I thought i read that somewhere). Any liquor bottles in room? If we wanted some could we get one?

Thanks - cant wait!!! 2 days to go!!


I’m not sure if they stocked 2 or 4 beer.It wasn’t Presidente,I can’t remember the name. My husband liked it but not as well as Presidente. There were no smokes provided. There were about 4 different soft drinks and of course water. There were no bottles of liquor, unless you are a repeat guest, then there is usually a bottle of rum and a fruit tray waiting for you on arrival.
On our anniversary we asked about having a bottle of wine sent to our room.It would have cost 35 dollars.We declined, and just brought a couple of glasses each to the room.


I believe they stock it with four beers…two each of two different brands…(not Presidente) but I liked them both. No liquor unless like previous post indicated , you are a return vistor and you will get bottle of rum. They also stock water and soft drinks…no smokes. Great place…Have fun!


The mini fridge has 2 each of coke, diet coke, sprite, orange and club soda. 4 beer{ not presidente} and 6 water. Ours was restocked every day. No liquor, unless you were a return guest and received a welcome gift of fruit and rum, no smokes.
The place, people, food and service are all wonderful. Enjoy your holiday.