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Iberostar Daiquiri/Cayo Coco

Is Iberostar Daiquiri & Iberostar Cayo Coco the same resort with a name change?

Anyone have a contact e mail for the Daiquiri?

No they are in separate areas. Daiquiri Cayo Guillermo and Iberostar Cayo Coco is in Cayo Coco

The Iberostar Cayo Coco is opening up in Decemebr or so. It’s the old LaLaunga resort, and will have two sections to it.

Took a look at it last week, till i was chased off by secuirty. Looks good so far.

Out of the “General Cuba Information” section as you enter Debbie’s:
Iberostar Daiquiri
Cayo Guillermo - Jardines del Rey, Ciego de Ávila CUBA
Tel: 53 33 301 650 Fax: 53 33 301 645
Email: ventas@ibsdaiq.gca.tur.cu
Email: reservas@ibsdaiq.gca.tur.cu
Email: rrpp@ibsdaiq.gca.tur.cu
Website: http://www.iberostar.com/iberostar.asp?conccodi=3&codiconc=66

WARNING: the section on hotel contact information is in dire need of updating, so this info may not be current…

Booked the Daiquiri today, meeting my brother & his family at the Toronto Airport. Thanks for all the info.