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Iberostar Daiquiri. staff question

So I’m totally counting down until MAY 1ST… This is the latest I have gone away thus far but oh well…

On with the point…

I was just wondering if anyone knows if Eduardo and Lizandra are still there… ???Ive been trying to find out if they are but its seems like they have a had a few staff off on mat leave or that have just left the resort in the past year…
Any help with this would be awesome!!! ;D

i am not sure but i will be there April 30 to May 14, were did they work on the resort

Star friends! So walking around during the day and on stage at night… I guess I will see you there then!

not sure we usually always talked to dalita and yudanio, if your around the pool just ask Randy or Lazaro were tommy boy is sitting we are always at the pool, they call me tommy boy because i always bring them tommy hilfiger cloths my name is chris

Yea I figured that is who you are as youve replied to my thread on the IB board! lol… We will ask for you no worries!! Im CubaLova on that board btw!!! Im so looking forward to this trip!

ya me to i fine its the only vacation that i truly fully relax no

well said yay for sun beaches and nice water…Oh and the booze (:P) lol… I could lay on that beach for a lifetime! If only money wasnt needed!

you know all the times i have been at the daiquiri and i have only spent 1 day on the beach i spend all my time at the pool maybe it is because i have a view of the ocean from my house, i dont know just like the pool

I grew up by the ocean(Nova Scotia) and only see it there once a year as well so I think thats what draws me to the beach in cuba…

well i am from NB i will see you at the daiquiri