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Iberostar Daiquiri

Just wondering if anyone knows of a website the list’s the excursions from the IB? I can’t remember them all and would like to see what else they offer besides the sugercane run as I did that 2 years ago. I was also wondering about the price for these too? I know there used to be a site that someone had put out on it but I have looked and can’t find it ???

If a website isn’t known any insight on this would be awesome!

Thanks! ;D

No doubt there is a snorkelling/catamaran tour.

we did a Moron trip and boat drive in a lake…snorkling off the reef from the beach…I don t recall much else being offered of course Pillar beach :slight_smile: pretty quiet spot.

Ive done the moran tour loved it but unsure if I want to do it again… we had also booked the Catamaran before but it shutdown due to highwinds… We are booking that one again… I was just wondering what else there was… I cant remember lol
Thanks Guys!