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Iberostar Ensenachos dress code?



I stayed at the Occidental Royal Hideaway in 2007. Back then there was a dress code (long pants, etc…) for all the restaurants including the buffet.

Much to my delight, my family and I will be visiting Cayo Ensenachos this summer, and I wondered if there would be a dress code to adhere to.

And yes, I am already starting to think about what we need to pack! :wink:


It’s almost the same…you can now wear shorts in the buffet in the evening at least that is what I have noticed. Long pants at the a la carte.

Heading back for trip # 5 in a couple of weeks.



Lucky you! 5 times, wow!

I only went once in 2007. How do you find the Iberostar compares to the RH?
From what I have read, there are no more concierges in the buildings & obviously things are overall “louder” with children now being admitted to the resort.

I can’t wait to head back to Cayo Ensenachos!


Personally I really didn’t find things all that different except for children. Hated the fact that they were in the lobby bar and jazz club. To me that should be off limits after 9pm. Just my opinion. Not that I’m a prude, just feel that kids and booze do not mix.

Some staff have gone but the ones that have been there since Occidental are there and they remember all of us.

Still my favorite resort and area. Best beaches hands down :slight_smile: