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Iberostar Hacienda

A week ago at this time we still enjoyed the warm weather at Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus.
From the +30 C back in Winnipeg to -46C is brutal, and will take another day or two to post my review .
And another week or so to post some photos on my site from this beautiful place.
Regardless of some issues with the rooms, the bottom line: the IHD will be #1 choice when we are going next time in DR.
If anybody has some questions, please feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer

Is Britta still there as Guest Services Manager? We made 4 trips there 2-3 years ago but have lately been going to Jamaica. I too would love to return to the Hacienda - some of the best scuba diving I have ever experienced

Yes Britta is still there, and I’m waiting a reply from her to my mail. Personally I didn’t meet Britta.

do they have different room categories??? we have a toddler and we like him to sleep in a seperate area on holidays so we don’t disturb him when he’s sleeping. is that possible there??? what time does dinner open at? are there any premium brands( eg baileys)???

I do not think they have different room categories. We were with two little boys, one 15 month old and 3 years old. The hotel provided in the parents room and in our (grandparents) room a crib and one extra (single) bed. If you e-mail them you can have the same. Separate area? Not far as I know. Disturbing the baby? Well, how you would disturb him? Why?
We took a play pan from home and the small one was sleeping under a palapa each day for hours, no problem.
Dinner at the main buffet opens at 1900 - and open till 2200.
I didn’t see Bailey (I didn’t look for that particular one) but they have Scotch , Bourbon, Martini, Campari .
My wife is saying she saw Bailey. Not 100%.
You’ll find something good to drink, I’m sure.

thanks… it’s just my little one is a very light sleeper and if were watching t.v or anything it wakes him… so we usually like to sit on the patio and have a drink or two but anytime we open the sliding door as most squeak, it wakes him up! i tell you…ahhhhh

sent you a pm…

I thought that Britta is now Front Office Manager and Mario Rosel is head of Concierge.


Hi Patricia,
here is Brtitta’s card in front of me, and it say: Sub-Directora (JR)
I don’t know anything about Mario.

I was thinking about it in the shower last night! She’s not front desk manager but “Resident Manager”. Maybe “sub-directora” refers to a Director who’s 2nd in command, much like the resident manager is.


After major failure happened with my main computer (still in “ER”…) , but still want to post some photos on my site so here are some
(more to come when the computer has a full recovery…) from IHD (a few from Altos de Chavon and some from snorkeling around the hotel)

Joe, your photos are always breathtaking. This set is no exception!

Thanks Pat, is frustrating not to have the main PC (where I processed most of the pics except the panoramic ones) and used a spare one.
Glad you liked them.

I totally agree with Pat, Joe! I’m gonna see if I have pictures of the sunsets from the same days as yours and compare our views and perspectives from 5 miles apart! I see that the bold sun with the beach bar was taken on February 12. I remember that day!

Wonderful job.


Patricia, this is a little bit of extra in La Romana area: the magical sunsets. In Punta Cana I saw some incredible sunrises, but waking up in holiday around 6 am is not exactly what I’m looking for. In special if you had a few Mamajuana or so in the evening…
(However I do not mind at home summertime to wake up at 3 am to go in aphoto trip…
Thanks for your comments - and let’s compare.
BTW the 5 miles was too much this time to meet you…

Just got back my computer (has been over a week in ER… , but now looks like a new one after got a new Logic board) and finally I was able to make the panoramic picture from IHD (made from 10 photos @23 Mb each).
Obviously is reduced somehow for easy viewing, but is absolutely magical at full resolution. Hope even in this size will please some of you:

Have a great weekend everybody!

just viewed your pictures , they are amazing and make me want to be there now not in july when i go


Thanks for sharing these fabulous shots! I especially loved the moon shots - those cloud formations! Very impressed with the way you caught the colour of the light at varying times of the day. Magnificent!

Less than a week until my first Bayahibe sunset!

Storm :sunglasses:

Thanks s much for the kind words.
I’m happy always if sharing my impressions through my photos I’m pleasing someone.
I hope you’ll enjoy your holiday in this fabulous place.