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Iberostar Punta Cana, Lots of Shade?


Well, this will be our first time to the DR, and it is very exciting. So many questions, so few words allowed.

The husband and I are going with or ten year old daughter, who has skin lupus, and I am concerned about the amount of shade that we will have on the beach and around the pool. She wears hats and uses the Umbrell 60 suntan lotion, our little sweetie ghost loves the water, and beach, as we do the lake with her every summer. Can I purchase the Umbrell 60 down there, or should I take a load of it for her?

SSSSSooooooooooooo Excited!!
Thanks for you time

tiltedmom, we have never been to the Iberostar PC so can’t comment on lots of shade, but a word (or two) of warning, even in shade it’s tanning time and hot, hot, hot. Bring all you can possibly carry for her because even if you can find something in a 60 SPF (I have seen Umbrell there, but I think the highest we saw was 50), it is a fortune (will cost you double +).

I agree with MissyD, don’t buy it down there, it costs a fortune!

I’m very pale (red head, or like my wife says Cinnamon and sugar (getting older!)) I use plenty of sunscreen and have never been burnt in all our trips.

Also don’t put it in your carry on, or it will go in the garbage. :sunglasses:

Enjoy your trip


Thanks for the advise, very much appreciated!!!

There are a lot of umbrellas at the Iberostar. Take a ton of sunscreen with you. I would imagine that Umbrell 60 might be hard to come by. I wouldn’t want you to take a chance, besides it costs a fortune down there.

Make sure your little one has a good sunhat as well. Your daughter will love it at the IB…so will you!.