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Iberostar Punta Cana

;)We are arriving at the Iberostar Punta Cana on the 12th of November and would be grateful if anyone on this great site could give us any information on the best block to ask for. Also any other info which might help us on our first trip to the Dominican. Thanks in anticipation, snowman8,UK. :-/

Good question, we would also like to knows others thoughts on this?
Can’t wait to get there:)

Not to take you away from this board but you may want to try the Iberostar board:


I’ve found that this board far exceeds the iberostar board. I never seem to get any responses on the iberostar board, while here you are almost guaranteed one.

Now, on to snowman’s question.

The IB Punta Cana is doing renovations on the rooms. My first preference would be to try to get in one of the newly renovated rooms (if possible). You can see pictures of these rooms in another thread I posted about the resort.

welcome to Debbies for the 2 new members,
and you are on the right place right here.
people like Geronimo will; answer your specific questions.
hey Deb,
come on, what is your prefered block and why?
share that info Lady,
s’y’ soon back here in paradise.
to the OP,
what is more important for you in case of the room/block location??
close to activities or restaurants,
close to the pool,
close to the beach,
everybody has his prefered points on that,
and a specific room rarely fulfills all of 'em, lol.
shout it out loud,
and the guys will answer
happy sunday

Cheers for the replies, Debbie and Tim, Geronamo and Mikefisher and for the welcome Geronamo, I am a member of the Gringo site and thought that I wouldn’t find a site like it for tips and help but I have. Only 17 days to go.

Geronamo just seen the pictures on your other thread, thanks.

Mike, if I could help I certainly would… you know that. I have never stayed at the Iberostar Punta Cana so I don’t feel qualified to answer based on hearsay. :wink:

I didn’t know the IB*PC had different sections/blocks, I just assumed all the rooms are in one big hotel sytle building and if this is the case I’m not sure it would matter where your room is unless you can get a top floor and luck out with a nice oceanview room.

Our other Iberostar expert hasn’t been around lately and I was hoping he could come along and help him out.


Could someone help we would like to be close to the pool and beach if possible. were worried about the renovations .We will be their just after X-mas for two weeks.

They hope to have all renovations complete by the end of the year.

A little worried now I have seen about the renovations that are going on although I suppose they are not renovating the beach LOL. But our travel agent as never mentioned anything about them. But with only 6 days to go there is not much we can do about it now. Our grand-daughter is staying in one of the Riu,s next door for the 2 weeks before we get there so she is going to have a walk a long and do a recce.

Hi snowman8,

I won’t call myself an expert, but we have stayed at the IB resorts in PC a total of 7 times. I can’t remember the room numbers, but the IB Punta Cana consists of 2 buildings. The original one is a mirror image of the Dominicana (which is across the grounds). Here is a (partial) pic of that building:

The other building is newer and consists of suites. I personally am not fussy about the newer building because it is close to the lobby where there is live entertainment at night, and it is farthest from the pool and beach. If you are late night people then the noise in that building would not be a problem. We are up at the crack of dawn and usually wanting to head to bed around 10. :o

We always request a room in the older building, on an upper floor, closer to the beach and with a view facing the Dominicana. I guess it is all a matter of preference, but I am sure you will have a great time. We will be returning to IB Dominicana in February 09.

Have an awesome vacation!

Sharon :sunglasses:

Thanks Itravel that’s where we were guessing to pick , we’re like you bed about 10 or 11 and up early. You don’t remember the room no. just a gereral idea?

Thanks again

Cheers itravel for the info and the photos, we were night people but we seem to be over that phase and we do not want to miss anything now so we too like to be up with the sun and make the most of the daylight, thanks again, snowman8

Could some one explaine to me if I stay at the iberostar punta cana could i use the iberostar bavaro. I’m confused could someone pls help?

thanks again

[quote=@ynotnamtaw]Could some one explaine to me if I stay at the iberostar punta cana could i use the iberostar bavaro. I’m confused could someone pls help?

thanks again

No not really. You are free to walk ‘their’ grounds and use the beach, but not the restaurants or bars

As for rooms…when we were there this past Feb. we lucked out and got a room (king size bed) in the older building, but closest to the beach, facing the ‘ocean view’- this was room # 5245-here is the view from the balcony:

We also got a quick tour of a room in the newer building (closer to the lobby)- ground floor, (the room had not yet had housekeeping come through yet)

Thanks vdp this is great information about the rooms. I hope this helps you to snowman8.
I was under the impression that you stay at 1 and play at 3.

The stay at one play at three applies to the Iberostar Bavaro only. :slight_smile:

I would imagine that if you stay at the Iberostar Grand it will be stay at one play at four. :slight_smile:

Thanks I was unclear about that, we have not been their before or stayed at an Iberostar. We are also from Wpg.