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Iberostar Question (kind of urgent)

Hello all - and thanks in advance - this forum is always quite helpful - We have reservations for our group (mixed adults and young adults) at IB Bavaro…and now have two more people who want to join us. It appears their budget fits Iberostar Punta Cana but not Bavaro. Can we all share the same pools, eat at the same restaurants, etc? If we can all ‘hang’ together this may work out


If you stay at the Bavaro you have unlimited access to all the resorts.If you stay at Punta Cana you cannot access the Bavaro restaurants or pool areas. This is my understanding and we have stayed at the Punta Cana a number of times.

Your group would have access to the PC, but not vice versa. The exception to this may be the beach, I’ve never seen anyone checking wristbands - but then again i’ve never really been looking.

We are leaving Friday for our 7th visit to IBB - you will love it!


If you stay at the Punta Cana or Dominicana, you can use the pool at the Bavaro but you do not have access to the Bavaro’s restaurants and bars. :sunglasses:

We just got back from the Punta Cana and it seemed like most of the people who had bracelets ffrom the Bavaro hung out at the Dominicana and Punta Cana side. My kids met other kids from the Bavaro and went over there a few times because of the swim up bar. They both said there was hardly anyone there and were glad we had booked the Punta Cana. I have a feeling the food may be better at the Bavaro.
I would not hesitate to book at Punta Cana and enjoy the beach and"hang out"with the rest of you at the Bavaro.

The only downside I can see for you that are staying and paid more for at the Bavaro, is that it sounds like your drinking and eating will mostly take place at the other two resorts as they can’t eat and drink at the Bavaro. That wouldn’t be much fun for them if they couldn’t get a drink or snack at the Bavaro.

I think the extra money is worth every dime. ;D ;D ;D

We just got moved to the Bavaro from the Ocean Blue on Friday can anyone tell me if the activity team plans water and sand volleyball or will I have to go to the Dominicana or the Punta Cana resort?? Thanks Julie/Ted