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Iberostar Varadero beach questions?

Hi everyone,
after reading some reviews about Iberostar Varadero, I have heard some mixed reviews about their beach. I was hoping that some people who have visited the resort can send me some pics of the beach and maybe comment on how amazing or poor it is. I heard it is very narrow, is this really true??


Hola grace1984
The Iberostar Vardero beach is great! You can walk for a long way west in front of many resorts on the same beach. It’s certainly wide enough to handle palapas, loungers, walkers and gawkers. You can check out our Cuban website or, if you prefer here are a couple of picturs taken in Feb '07.

Looking east:

Looking west: cool , stormy day, tide out

I thought the beach at Iberostar Varadero was awesome!!! Second only to Cayo Guillermo!!!

I wouldn’t be surprised if CSM became your new #1 beach! Be sure to give us a comparison when you get back!!

The beach use to be allot better but since IKE made his appearance back in Sept it was hit pretty hard, The beach has become allot more narrow then what is was but i think over time slowly it will hopefully go back to the way it was.


thank you to all who replied and offered their suggetions but i was wondering if anyone has been there recently, like within a few months. picks would be trully appreciated.


please anyone,

if you have any recent pics of the iberostar varadero beach i really would like to see them because i need to book my wedding spot soon and its between iberostar varadero and tryp peninsula.