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Iberostar varadero - busy times?

hi all,

We have booked IV for last two weeks in October. Could anyone let us know if this is a busier time?
Each time we have been to cuba its been between June - late August and we have never had any problems getting a bed by the pool or beach (probably because its too hot for most but I am from Shropshire where it rains more than the sunshines!)

October is actually one of the least busy times of the year, and it is also smack in the middle of hurricane season…

yeah we know and tend to keep an eye on things every year but due to the nature of Hubbies work and the fact that its only time of the year he is permitted two weeks off its…

We hope cuba isn’t affected that bad this season (not for us but for the cubans themselves) but mother nature can certainly act like a woman scorned! ;D

You will have no problems in October. I plan to head back in Oct with a group of us. I plan to go at the end of Oct instead of Sept like the past two years. It wasn’t fun being a part of Hurricane Ike in Sept :’(

You can always put your room request in before you leave and they will do thier best to give you the room.

Take care,

Jackie ;D