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Iberostar - What building to request?

I just got an email from my TA with my e-tickets…yeah! :slight_smile:

What building/block has the nicest views? I want to send her my request to forward to the resort.

I tried to do a search on the forum but couldn’t find anything…


If you want an ocean view ask for Bldg 1 or 5, ocean side, ground floor. The top floors have obstructed views with the trees. If you want pool view ask for 2, 3, or 8, pool side. We always go for pool view, and have stayed in 9, 2 and 3. 9 is more a view of the gardens but was still quite nice.The pool is lit up at night and looks lovely from the balconies. We have been there 3 times and are going again this April, can’t wait!

Thanks Betty! In building 2 or 3, would you recommend a certain floor?

We like 3rd floor,that way no one is walking about over your head with shoes on at 2 am(been there).We haven’t stayed on ground floor, I have heard that sometimes the rooms are more damp. We have stayed on 2nd floor despite asking for 3rd, but had no problems. Be sure to ask for pool view as there is nothing to look at on the back. Having said that, given the ammt of time we spend in the room, If they give us a room on the back I doubt that I would bother with looking for a room change.

January 08…had ground floor/building 3/poolview. No problems at all with dampness. Excellent resort! Enjoy!!

My favourite thing to do at the end of the day before we start getting ready for dinner is to sit out on the balcony with my coffee so I like to get the best view I can…I also like to start my day that way too, lol…thanks again! :slight_smile:

We are the same! Love to sit & “people watch”

we stayed in building 3 and loved it. but when you think about it, all of the buildings are central to something

Map of the resort here


In 2006, we stayed at Iberostar, Costa Dorado. We were on the 3rd floor, bld 9, pool side. It was a wonderful resort.

We’ve just come back from ICD. We had the top floor, ocean view in block one. Lovely and quiet at night with no noise from the bars or entertainment.
Although palm trees blocked the view when we arrived, on our first full day all the bottom fronds of the palm trees were all cut off. Although this was probably done for some horticultural reason it had the added bonus that it really improved the view.