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does anyone stay at Iberostar Punta Cana???

Yes and there are many reviews about this resort in Debbies

Yes, we’ve stayed there several times. Why? ???

am looking for info on the room renovations that are to be done ?

Can’t help with that question. When we were there in March, there were no renovations in progress. :sunglasses:

We just returned from a one week stay at the Iberostar Punta Cana. I too was concerned about renovations going on. We were there 1/1-1/8 and were in room 5277. The room appeared to have been recently renovated. I haven’t yet written a review but will in the next couple of days. There were no renovations going on while we were there. I was told they would not resume renovations until after this “season”. I understand that the building closest to the lobby with the Jr Suites (building #6) has been completely renovated.
I have not been to this resort before so I am not sure what the rooms were like in the past. WE had a king bed, couch, desk and chair, all in nice condition, good lighting and a nice spacious deck. Our kids were next door in room 5276 and had 2 double beds and no couch. They went into rooms in the Dominican part of the resort across the courtyard from us and they said those rooms were nice but the furnishings appeared older.

I will write a report soon. One thing I wish that I had known prior to getting there is that the 2 hotels Punta Cana and Dominican really seem like one big hotel. I reccomend reading the reviews for both resorts as they really seem to be one and the same.
We had a great time and I wish we were still there.

thanks will wait for your review as we leave feb 8, 2009 - could you send a picture of the room and i will compare to last year

Sorry, I never took a picture of the room. I tried to open your image but couldn’t. If you send me a photo of the room last year I will let you know if mine was the same.

here is a link to the picture

That room looks like our room in March '08. Are you sure it’s a renovated room?

No this is not a renovated room. This was our room last year in 2008. It is to be compared to the rooms that have been renovated.

The layout is the same but we had a different couch, and headboard for sure. Also the lighting was different. The lights to either side of the bed had a regular light and then also a reading light attached to the bootom that you could light it on it’s own or with the other one. It looks lke the rooms have been spiffed up with new art and bedcovers also.
Our bathroom had granite counter tops and a full bath with tile, and a partial glass wall with aan area to sit on the edge. The TV was a 20’’ regular, not flat screen.
Hope this helps, have a great time.

thank you so much - this helps can hardly wait to go!!