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Iberostars - Bavaro vs Costa Dorado

Who has been to both? How do they compare? I know the beach & the ocean are different in PP vs PC…

We didn’t stay at Bavaro, but at the Dominicana. We were in a room at Bavaro which our friends were transferred to, and based on that room, it was much nicer than ICD rooms. If you are expecting a room like Bavaro you will be disappointed.
The layout of ICD is much more compact than Bavaro as you probably have seen from the maps. This was a plus for us, as well as the buildings being interconnected, giving you the ability to get around in the event of rain without getting wet.
Yes the beach is probably “nicer” in PC however coming from NL, we still think the beach at ICD and area are just wonderful.Darker sand makes no difference to us, it’s still sand, not rocks, lol. Another plus for us at ICD is plenty of shade trees at the beach(in addition to palapas).We prefer the tree shade as it gives a feeling of openness as opposed to being cooped up under a palapa.
Having explored a bit around the Bavaro I expect you will maybe find ICD older and more tired looking. We have never had anything less than a spotless room and prompt cleaning and repair service however.
I expect that you are paying a fair bit less for ICD than you did for Bavaro. Last year we priced Bavaro and Dominicana and chose Dominicana because Bavaro was too pricey.I suppose you get what you pay for.We weren’t as happy with the Dominicana as we expected to be. The rooms, service, and food were not as good as the ICD but being Punta Cana it was a few hundred dollars more than ICD.
My advice is go with lower expectations than Bavaro, telling yourself that you have paid less money( I hope you did) and enjoy your vacation.