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Iberostars in Cuba

We are planning a family vacation - March Break- with our two teenagers- ages 17 and 13. We stayed in an Iberostar in the Dominican last year and liked it. There were not a lot of teenagers but it was the end of January.
Does anyone have any experince with the Iberostars in Cuba? Good family vacation spot?

We stayed at the Iberostar Varadero in April 2007 with our two daughters, both 13 at the time. It was a good resort - high standards and no unpleasant surprises - and while there weren’t a lot of teenagers there, our girls still had a lot of fun. They get along well (miracle!) so they don’t require a lot of external entertainment. The resort, like all the resorts we’ve visited in Cuba, was very safe and the staff went out of their way to be nice to the girls. The security guys in particular were very good, always had a friendly word or would take the time to say “your mother was looking for you, she’s at the pool” or whatever.

Thanks for the info. They are great resorts!

My favorite resort. Defiently one of the best if not the best resort in varadero. We are heading back in April for our 5th time. Any questions please feel free to ask me.


I have stayed at the Iberostar Daiquiri a couple of times and my family loved it. The location (Cayo Guillermo, via Cayo Coco) is in an undeveloped area so there is not lots of or extensive nightlife, but there are excursions that you could do as a family or even send the teens on. It’s pretty hard to get in trouble in the remote island, and it’s beautiful if they are the outdoor type. As mentioned above, the staff attitude was really great, which makes all the difference. Whichever location fits your style better, my impression is that Cuba’s Iberostar hotels have a good reputation (though I can only speak about one based on personal experience).

We can echo the comments by maydaymax. We visited the Iberostar Daiquiri in Cayo Guillermo only once, but would love to return. For adults, it is very relaxing. For teens, they would quickly make friends. The resort appears to be a huge favourite among teens. The nice thing is the teens and young adults visiting here do not appear to be the “see how much I can drink” kind. They are very sensible and well behaved, compared to other resorts. Perhaps one of the reasons is the night life does not go on all night. The resort shuts down at a reasonable hour. The entertainment staff is superb, to all ages. Making your visit memorable seems to be their mission. We agree that it’s about as remote as you will find in Cuba, but that’s a good thing if you want to relax. By the way, the resort is about 45 minutes from the airport in Cayo Coco; and that includes making stops at other resorts along the way.

I second Jackie re Iberostar Varadero ! been there twice & loved it would be going this year if I could, chose Iberostar Almeda Varadero for Feb. 09 ( group decision ) . I am sure I will love it ! ;D but it still won’t be the IV :frowning:

Let me know how you find the Iberostar Almeda. I was wondering how it compared to the Tainos and Varadero.

Take care and have a great trip!


We’re off to the Daiquiri on Friday (for New Years).
This will be the second time the whole family has gone (4th for myself).
Our boys are 13, 14 and 17 and the last time they went was 4 years ago so they’re really looking forward to returning. They love it !
One of the family resorts I always recommend ! (and the Iberostar Varadero)

Well, I am convinced. It has to be an Iberostar!!! Now to talk the rest of the family into it!

We just had friends that stayed at the Iberostar Varadero. They could not wait to get transferred to another hotel. They paid for a 5 star hotel and got 2-3 at the most.

Just a word of advise. Any 4- 5 star hotel in Cuba should be fine at long as it is not run by
CUBANACAN - this chain is run strictly by Cubans and has no European influence as far as the food is concerned. Iberostar Varadero is run by CUBANACAN - so beware.

Every hotel in Cuba is run by a Cuban company, be it Cubanacan, Gran Caribe, Gaviota… In some cases (such as Brisas Guardalavaca) there is no outside partner. In the case of Iberostars, Sol Melias and Barcelos, for example, it is a joint venture.

Not sure exactly what you mean (or what your friends expected) about “European influence”?! What exactly were their complaints with respect to the food?