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Iberstar PUJ Comparison

It appears that Iberstar now has 4 properties at PUJ We have stayed at Iberostar Bavaro before(liked it)…Can someone give me brief comparison between Bavaro and the Dominicus/Punta Cana resorts? We’d like to save a little money and Dominicus/Punta Cana appear a bit less pricey.


Have stayed at Iberostar Punta Cana - this will be out third trip this winter - love it
food is great - same great beach - service is the same - would like to try the grand but seems really pricey

… would like to try the grand but seems really pricey…<<

I agree and the Iberstar Bavaor seems to be creeping up in price since my last visit - so may do IB Punta Cana this time


Nobody else?

Hi capndar,

We are huge Iberostar fans, and have stayed at all 3 of the IB properties (Bavaro, Dominicana and Punta Cana). For the difference in price, we actually prefer the Dominicana. We have stayed at the Punta Cana once, and liked it, but found it to be the quietest of the 3 resorts. We have stayed at the Bavaro twice, and although we loved it, we did not personally feel that it was worth the extra $$$'s. The advantages are that it has a swim up bar at the pool, and they offer room service. You are also able to play at all 3 resorts. I also find the Bavaro to be a little more formal than the other two, and although there is nothing wrong with that, it is our preference for a more casual atmosphere.

We have stayed at the IB Dominicana 4 times, and will be returning in February for 2 weeks with our daughter and granddaughter (who will be 6 months by then). I like the ambiance of the Dominicana, and it has become our IB of choice. You are able to use both PC and Dominicana, and we make use of the buffet, lobby bar etc. at both of the resorts while visiting.

I hesitated to reply to you on this because there are many that will not agree, but this is my personal feeling. If saving money is important to you, I would choose PC or Dominicana depending on which one was cheapest. For us, the bargain was Dominicana this year and that is where we will be.

We still like to walk through Bavaro for old time sake, and I would love to try the Grand but it is way out of our budget, and unless I win a lottery, the closest we will get is just to walk through the property! :-/

Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Sharon :sunglasses:

edited to correct spelling ::slight_smile:

Thanks! That is the kind of perspective I was looking for (although i welcome other opinions) I am leaning toward skipping Bavaro and going to IB PC or DOM in 2009 - agree - Grand Palace (or whatever the correct name is) looks pretty pricey!

Do you normally book direct with the property?

capndar…We are from Canada, so it is a much better deal for us to book a charter from Toronto. To book directly through the resort, and have to pay flight and transfers would cost us a lot more than an all inclusive package.

I am not sure what would work best for you, but I believe that Joe and Karen have booked directly through the resort, and they are from Rochester. If you require more information on this method, perhaps look them up in the forums and send them a PM.

Happy Travels! ;D
Sharon :sunglasses:

So what is the difference between the IB properties (Dominicana and Punta Cana).

capndar …there is no difference between the two! :wink: They are mirror images of each other, so in my opinion, there is no difference. The lobby bar at the Punta Cana has a gazebo where they have live entertainment. The Dominicana has a more pub style atmosphere, and it right by the theater where the shows for both Punta Cana and Dominicana are held each night.

There is an Ice Cream stand on the Dominicana side by the beach bar which is shared by both (or all) resorts. There is a nice outdoor restaurant (which is the Steakhouse at night for the a la carte) right on the beach on the Punta Cana side where you can sit in some shade and still have your toes in the sand! ;D :sunglasses: ;D

I could go on and on, but to be honest with you, we use the whole place as if they were one.

If you have any other questions, just ask. :wink:

Sharon…73 days and counting :sunglasses:

We also have to leave via Canada and find that in the winter we can only book a package deal that’s at a “decent” price, however, this past summer we booked separately and used Mr. Iberostar for the resort booking and saved $2000.00 off our usual winter price including flight, transfers and taxes.

I second all of itravel’s emotions. All three Iberostars are great choices. We’ve spent two weeks at the Bavaro and seven weeks at the Punta Cana (which, as itravel says, is identical to the Dominicana).

If you’re deciding between the Punta Cana and Dominicana and you like to participate in pool activities organized by the animation team, you may want to opt for the Dominicana. The pool at the Punta Cana is very quiet.

Excellent Many Thanks to all

If you’re a scuba diver or have any aspirations of diving, the dive shop at the Iberostar is really top notch.